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Palingenesis – a Free Green Collectible NFT to all Early Bird PlanetWatchers

Palingenesis – a Free Green Collectible NFT to all Early Bird PlanetWatchers

Dear PlanetWatchers, 

You got the message straight away – our Planet needs you! When you heard about PlanetWatch you acted quickly to join a global effort to generate data which will help protect everyone’s health. We wish to thank you for joining our project from its earliest stages, before all the rules were spelled out. Your help has been invaluable during the testing phase to debug Apps, improve our communication, show us ways to grow the community, and more. 

Early Bird Cohort

In a few days’ time, our testing phase will be officially over and the new, final token model will kick in as described in the White Paper.  

If you currently own a sensor connected to PlanetWatch, or buy one from us by Wednesday 14 April 23:59 CET, you will become a member of the PlanetWatch Early Bird Cohort

To begin with, all cohort members will receive a free, limited-edition collectible NFT linked to a piece of digital art. In the future, cohort members will be eligible for additional perks and special offers as we are really grateful to those who have been supporting us from day one. 

PlanetWatchers build environmental value over time via their sensors, so we reward them over time. They gain Planets as well as weight in the community via our governance system linked to the sensor reputation score, as explained in the White Paper. 

We value long-term relationships 🙂  

What is a collectible NFT?

NFT is the acronym for non-fungible token. An NFTs is an asset issued on a blockchain which, unlike Planets, Algos, bitcoin, etc, has some properties which make it unique. Real-word examples of non-fungible assets include personal IDs, houses, etc. You cannot swap passports with a friend and get away with it when you try to board a flight, can you? Or, decide to paint your neigbours’ house instead of yours. That’s because passports and houses are unique, i.e. non fungible, so they cannot be swapped casually.

NFTs bring the notion of uniqueness into the digital world. They can be used to prove ownership of assets, physical (a house?) or digital. So, by linking a NFT to a piece of digital art, one can create a digital collectible – if you own the NFT, you own the art. You can hold it, sell it, etc. Currently, NFT-based collectibles are booming on all major blockchains, some of them being sold for jaw-dropping prices

PlanetWatch is pioneering Green collectibles on the Algorand blockchain!

Why do we call them Green? Two reasons:

  • Algorand is a Green blockchain, in the sense that its energy consumption per finalized transaction is far less (see a detailed discussion here). 
  • Collectibles issued by PlanetWatch will always be linked to Nature and environmental themes.

PlanetWatch First Green Collectible: Palingenesis

This piece of digital art has been created by three Italian artists (Daniele Cruciani, Leonardo Dentico, Claudio Errico). It represents the slow combustion of our Planet, like a dying candle. The wax drips, marking our last chance to change course, before the flame of reckless environmental exploitation crushes our planet like a snake. The smoke is rising and polluting the air that we breathe. 

Together, we can light a new flame of noble actions to protect our environment and build a new world, where your actions matter,  overcoming indifference and negationism.

The CGI image and video were generated with 3D modeling software, starting from the study of the combustion dynamics of a candle, which was photographed from over 150 angles to capture its essence.

Early Bird Cohort members will soon receive in their wallet a NFT representing ownership of “Palingenesis“. The total number of such NFTs will be announced by the end of week, after we close the window for Cohort membership. 

Keep watching the Planet!   

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  1. I am a sizeable hold er of algo Dane because I believe in their vision and technology. Very excited to see your presence on the blockchain . GREEN IS GREAT !

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