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Explore your Sensors!

Explore your Sensors!

Dear PlanetWatchers,

We are pleased to announce the release of MySensor: the new area of the Explorer.

Thanks to this new platform there are several new features for you:

  1. New authentication system.
  2. Ability to monitor your sensors at any time.

Let’s find out together what it is…

New authentication system

This new service that we offer allows PlanetWatchers to have unique credentials to access any functionality made available by PlanetWatch.

So don’t worry! You can access the App (coming soon), the exclusive part of the map (coming soon) and MySensors by using the same credentials.

How to register:

1) Click on the “Sign In” button in Explorer, to head to the login page.

2) Then click on “Register”.

3) You will be asked for some simple data:

  • First name: your name
  • Last name: your surname
  • Email: the same one used during the purchase phase in our e-commerce
  • Password
  • Confirm password

Be careful!

The email you use MUST be the same one you used during the purchase phase in our e-commerce. Otherwise, you will never be able to view any data from your sensors.

4) Click on “Register”.

5) You will receive a confirmation email  in the mailbox you entered when you registered. (please, if you don’t receive it, check your spam folder)

6) Click on the link “Link to email address verification” that you will find in the email within the time mentioned in the e-message.

In case you fail to activate your credentials in time, no worries! Just proceed with:

  • Authentication
  • Follow the instructions. Resend the email to proceed with activation. Click on “Click here” to resend the confirmation email.
  • Restart from point 5).

7) Once clicked, your credentials will be active and you can use them to access the exclusive area.

How to authenticate:

1) If you do not have credentials, please register. (see description above)

2) Click on the “Sign In” button in Explorer to head to the login page.

3) Enter your “Username or Email” and “Password”.

4) Click on “Sign In”.

How to access MySensors area:

1) Authenticate.

2) After authentication in the Explorer you will see a circle with the initials of the email at the top right corner.

3) Click on the circle with the initials. You will see a drop-down menu with the options:

  • MySensors
  • Logout

4) Click on “MySensors”.

Remember that you can return to the Explorer at any time by clicking on the PlanetWatch logo.

Remember: This operation will not log you out.

How to log out

1) Click on the circle with the initials. You will see a drop-down menu with the options:

  • MySensors
  • Logout

2) Click on “Logout”.

You can monitor your sensors at any time

Let’s now move on to the other news of the moment: the content of the exclusive area.

The goal of this page is to allow each of you to quickly and interactively consult your sensors.

Once you enter the “MySensors” area, you will see a screen similar to this one.

This new version adds features to make this process interactive and more informative.

New Features

  1. Sorting: thanks to the buttons at the top page you can sort the list of sensors the way you like. The features currently available are:
    • Air Quality: Displays the sensors with the best overall air quality, also called AQI and vice versa.
    • Reliability: Displays the sensors that sent fewer streams than expected in the previous day and vice versa.
    • Status: Displays the sensors that sent the last stream and vice versa.
  2. Infobox: the time at which all information was received is displayed.
  3. Update: this button will allow you to refresh the information in this exclusive area.
  4. Search bar: will allow you to search for a sensor by Device ID or by Sensor ID.
  5. Information about the sensor: inside the left side section you can find useful information about the selected sensors.

Top Features

Let’s conclude the article by talking about the features we are mostly proud of, and which we think will help the user:

  1. Data export: once a sensor has been selected, you will be allowed to download the complete data that your sensor has recorded. This feature returns the hourly average of measurements for up to 31 days.
  2. Export of rewards: it is possible to download two CSV files containing all the information regarding the transactions read directly from the algorithm blockchain. After selecting the desired sensors and time interval, you can download a first file containing all the transactions and a second file containing a summary of what is present in the first file.
  3. Selection of the type of measurement to be displayed in the graphs. (For example CO, CO2, NO2, AQI, PM2.5 etc).
  4. Possibility to access this exclusive section also from a mobile phone.

Keep watching our Planet and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

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