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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to all of you who have been in touch, we have had some really interesting questions and some excellent suggestions. 

To help you figure out any issues with your new sensor and the apps, or for any other queries relating to what we do and how we do it, we have taken some of the most frequently asked questions and compiled them into a blog post for you to read. 

We really hope this helps, but please do get in touch if your query is not included below!


Planet Tokens

You have to buy a sensor from our e-commerce platform to earn Planets.
You only need to configure your device. Planets will be transferred automatically.
We will update you as soon as possible. We are working on it.
No, we are not planning to do any airdrops, but sometimes we give free Planets when you purchase a sensor.
The final token model will be released soon. Follow our website to learn more.


Yes, the Arianna sensor is waterproof, it can stay outside in the rain. The USB connection is not required outdoors because of the solar panel included; the sensor is completely autonomous.
Generally it takes no more than two days.


There is no CO2 detector in the Atmotube Pro. We are developing our own indoor sensor with a CO2 detector inside. We will share more information about it as soon as they will be available.
Atmotube device in principle self-calibrates (more information). We have tested the performance of Atmotube PRO against reference systems and we feel that its performance is quite good (especially for particulate) for the price you pay. One has to bear in mind that the usefulness of such devices is mainly in raising awareness of situations and behaviors which expose us to poor air quality. The focus is not on actual values, but on variations that occur if you fail to ventilate your room, enter a smoking environment, etc. Over time, the device can help you develop a healthier lifestyle.
No, it's not possible to connect the sensor with a web application on your computer. You need to download the smartphone or tablet application to connect.

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15 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hi,

    I am in Canada. I can’t find a specification or FAQ page that might tell me if Arianna can survive a cold winter (-40 Celsius)..

    And thank you. I think I finally understand the many use cases there are and will be with all these crypto coins.

    1. Hi, Arianna operating temperature range is -10 °C / 75 °C. We had feedback of our users that it can work also at lower temperatures, but from our tests that’s the operating temperature.

  2. Are you planning on offering sensors that utilize LoRaWAN instead of WiFi and Bluetooth? The Range of WiFi and Bluetooth connection is very limited – LoRaWan would allow more flexibility in choosing the location of the sensor.

    1. We are looking into LoraWan options. We might release a LoraWan-compatible sensor later this year.

      1. Hi I think if you guys are going to work with LoraWan you guys should be able to work easier with the Helium hotspot system. They work with LoraWan and I think Planetwatch and Helium will go hand in hand.

  3. What might be a reason for earning less planets one day than the other? I earned 6 planets yesterday, but only 3.7 today

    1. With the Atmotube PRO, you need to make sure that the sensor is always connected with PlanetWatch App and that you have correctly set it up. If you need assistance, you can send an email at [email protected]

  4. Hi,
    in 3 days I sent 1.462 streams and I earned 35.392 planets. Why I did not earn 1.462 x 0,04 = 58,48 x 80% = 46.784 planets? Is there a reason, why the earning is less than 0,04 planets per stream? In the faq is shown a “max reward per stream”. What ist the min reward per stream?

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