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General rules & Bug Fixing

General rules & Bug Fixing

Dear PlanetWatchers,

We received many questions and tickets with doubts and questions. We have not answered all individual tickets yet because we noticed that there are several common issues. 

Before analyzing each point, we recommend to our PlanetWatchers to (always!) read carefully all our blog posts before proceeding with sensor activation or opening a ticket.

Please note that we have just released an update with bug fixes of the PlanetWatch App. It will become available as soon as the stores approve it.

General rules

Please note that, at the moment, we have separate access systems for our e-commerce website and all PlanetWatch dashboards.


In order to purchase on our e-commerce, you must create an account with an email and a password. Until today, you had the possibility to insert a different email address in the billing section at the checkout. Please note that the licenses that you purchase are attached to the email address that you inserted in the billing section. 

PlanetWatch Tools

The PlanetWatch Tools are the PlanetWatch App, the PlanetWatch Wearable App, the Explorer and the Map.

On all our tools, you need to register by using the email address that you inserted in the billing section of our e-commerce (see above). Please note that all users, including those who purchased licenses on our .us website, must complete the KYC on the PlanetWatch Explorer at

Read this guide to learn how to use the Explorer


If you follow these simple rules you will really help us provide a good support service:

  1. Open a ticket only after you have checked our website, White Paper, Guides and FAQs. We also recommend to follow us on Twitter, where you will always find the latest updates.
  2. Do not open multiple tickets for the same issue. You can add additional information by using the same ticket.
  3. Do not open more than a ticket per day. We often receive up to five tickets from the same user within a few minutes. This behavior slows down tickets processing.
  4. When you open a ticket, make sure you are using the email address associated to your licenses. If you use a different email address we may be unable to answer to your ticket or this will delay the process at best.
  5. Choose the correct item in the ticket dropdown menu and describe your issue by giving us all the information requested.
  6. At the moment, the support desk is staffed from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CET, Monday-Friday. We are working to increase service hours.
  7. If we do not address your ticket about a tech matter within a few days, this means that your problem requires in-depth analysis. Don’t worry, all tech matters tickets will be answered. 
  8. Do not send requests for support or support-related questions by email or Twitter direct messages, because they will not be answered or the answer will be a request to open a ticket.


Make sure that you have read this blog post

Remember that you can only complete the KYC with one email address. If you purchased the licenses with more than one email address, open a ticket and choose the “Merge Accounts” option in the dropdown menu, specifying your main email address and the accounts that you want to merge. The merge process will not be performed immediately but you can already open the ticket.

Additional clarifications:

  • You will see the “My Verification” section on the Explorer page and you will be able to complete the KYC only if you have purchased at least one license;
  • If your verification is still pending you need to wait for it to be processed and then displayed as Completed or Rejected;
  • If one of the verification steps fails, please write directly to the Synaps Support from their official website
  • If you have completed the Advanced KYC and you want to purchase more than 5 licenses, please open a ticket and choose the “Licenses Beyond 5 limit” option, since at the moment these requests are processed manually.
  • If you have not yet bought any licenses, and you want to purchase more than five you need to:
  1. First, purchase up to 5 licenses;
  2. Complete the Advanced KYC;
  3. Open a ticket and select the “Licenses Beyond 5 limit” option.

PlanetWatch Wearable App

Please read the instructions provided in this blog post

Please note also:

  • iOS users: you need to open a ticket. We will then reset your license and the PlanetWatch Wearable App will create a new wallet for your sensor and license. 
  • Android users: if you do not have the license NFT in your wallet (asset name format: PW:T4_3_000xxx), you need to associate your license to the sensor in our new App. For all new Atmotube PRO sensors, this process is automatically performed when you set up the sensor with the PlanetWatch Wearable App.

PlanetWatch App

Sensor visualization 

At the moment, on iOS devices, Awair Element sensors are displayed in the “Wearable” section instead of the “Indoor” section. This is only a display issue and it doesn’t affect your sensor activity. It will be fixed in the forthcoming App update.

Sensor Activation

Type 3: KAITERRA Sensedge Mini instructions

1. Use the Kaiterra dashboard to configure your Sensedge Mini by following the Kaiterra guide. Make sure that you can visualize air quality parameters on that dashboard.

2. Associate your license to the sensor via the PlanetWatch App. Please note that in order to fix some sensor activation bugs, we are introduced an automatic check for the UUID and API KEY parameters.

3. If all parameters are correct, the process will complete successfully. If not, a generic error will be triggered. 

Please note: if you have inserted the wrong sensor name, open a ticket. We will release your license, in order to let you do the set up again.

Location issue for Type 3 and Type 4 (Awair Element) sensor 

If you see a red “NO GPS” warning on the Explorer, this means that a mistake has been made when entering the address or the address is not recognized by Google Maps (we use the Google Maps API to convert the location that is entered into GPS coordinates). To overcome this problem we have added the possibility to change the location on the Explorer. In order to do this, select the sensor and click on the “Update Location” button on the left.

  • Make sure you insert manually your full address including street number (if available).
  • If you see this message “The location has too few info” it means that you did not provide your full address.
  • Finally, please note that if your location has been accepted but you still see the red “NO GPS” warning, this is not a problem as the warning will disappear after a few air quality data streams are sent by your device.


  • Please note that private keys are safely kept in your smartphone storage and never sent to our servers. We strongly recommend to backup your passphrase.
  • when you import a wallet into our App, please note that currently you need to write your passphrase with just one space (and no commas) between the words. In the next update of the App you will be able to write the passphrase using commas as well.
  • Ledger wallets are not yet supported.
  • If you don’t have Algo in your wallet this is the correct process: 
  1. Create or import your wallet,
  2. Proceed with the license activation. During the license activation process we will automatically send, to the selected wallet, the Algo amount needed to initialize the sensor and the license,
  3. Initialize the Planet Token in your wallet.


If you did not receive rewards this may depend on one or more of the following:

  • The red “NO GPS” warning was present on the Explorer. if so, please follow the above guide on how to change the location.
  • Your sensor is displayed as “0 pwSensor” in your wallet. If so, rest assured that we will soon send you the sensor NFT and you will recover the missing rewards.

Finally, please note that the 50% top up to Type 3 rewards will be issued each day roughly at 15 UTC.

If you want to monitor the performance of your sensor from blockchain data, please note that effective from 7:00 p.m CET today, data for each sensor are written approximately every 15 minutes.

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