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How to access the PlanetWatch website, Explorer and App.

How to access the PlanetWatch website, Explorer and App.

In this guide you will learn how to access the PlanetWatch websites and App.

How to access the PlanetWatch website.

At the moment there are two websites with two separate e-commerce engines:

When you purchase a license, you need to register an account by choosing an email and a password.

When you reach the checkout, the email inserted in the Billing section of your order is the email that is linked to your license. Please note that previously, you had the chance to choose a different email for your account and the billing section. We have now locked the billing email field, in order to let you use the same email you choose for your account. This simplifies order processing.

By logging in on and you can check all your licenses and sensors orders.

Please note: the licenses are tied to the email address that you see in your order billing section. 

How to access the Explorer tool.

The PlanetWatch Explorer, as well as our mobile Apps, let you check all your sensor activity.

To log in in the Explorer, go to

Please note that both European and non-European Planetwatchers need to use this website (i.e. there is no Explorer on a .us domain).

Please note that the Explorer, as well as mobile Apps, require a different registration from the main website.

You need to register using the email address that you inserted in your order billing section, since the licenses are linked to that email address.

Also, please note that in order to see your licenses on the Explorer, they need to be already linked to a sensor. If you need to check your licenses order, priori to sensor activation, then you need to log in in the main .io or .us website.

In the Explorer you can complete your KYC verification. Please note that you will see the “My Verification” section only if you have purchased at least one license.

Since you can do the KYC with only one email address, those who used in the past several email addresses may need to open a ticket and choose the option “Merge Accounts”, specifying which is their main account and which email addresses they want to merge.

Again, you need to register on the Explorer using the same email address that you inserted in the license order billing section You can then use the same email and password chosen for the Explorer to access the PlanetWatch App.

How to access the PlanetWatch App.

  • If you are already registered on the PlanetWatch Explorer you can “Sign In” by inserting the same email and password. If you forgot the password inserted on the Explorer, please use the “Forgot your Password?” function.
  • If you did not register on the Explorer, please click on the “Sign Up” button and choose an email and a password. You will be able to use these credentials to access the Explorer.

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