Become a PlanetWatcher

Set up your Atmotube sensor and connect it to PlanetWatch

Set up your Atmotube sensor and connect it to PlanetWatch

PlanetWatch is a French start-up building a worldwide air quality monitoring network aimed at detecting and understanding pollution hotspots, with a vision of creating a global community of individuals just like you, to help look after the health of the planet.

We have now launched our new website 🚀, where you can read about our vision and decide to purchase advanced mobile air quality sensors through our site at fantastic prices.

These sensors can be used wherever you go, providing you with instant and valuable air quality data to help you protect your health.

Why not join this rapidly growing community of PlanetWatchers by purchasing your own sensor? Once you do, you’ll just need to follow a few steps described below to get you set up 📲 and monitoring the air you breathe.

Everyone is welcome in the PlanetWatch family. Here are the steps on how to become a PlanetWatcher! 🌎

After purchasing your Atmotube PRO, you need to install both the official Atmotube and the PlanetWatch Wearable Apps on your smartphone.

➡️  Make sure that both Bluetooth and GPS 🛰️ are switched on.

➡️  Install first the official Atmotube App in your smartphone. You can find it on Google Play for Android users and in the App Store for iOS users.

➡️  When you first open the App, you will be prompted to connect to your Atmotube PRO by clicking the Connect button on it.

➡️  You will then be prompted to allow the App to access your device location. In order for your sensor to function properly, you will need to select Allow all the time.

Set in Always mode your Atmotube on Menu > Settings > Mode.

The App will then run through the calibration 🧭 procedure, and air quality data will soon appear on your screen.

If the App prompts you to update your firmware device, do it!

➡️  Once this has happened, you can close the App. For the Android App only – tap on the Atmotube icon at the top of your screen and select STOP:

➡️  Next, you need to connect 🔗 your Atmotube PRO sensor to the PlanetWatch network. To do this, you will need to download the PlanetWatch Wearable App from either Google Play or the iOS App Store. Once installed, open the App.

➡️ To register your Atmotube PRO sensor, click on the Access icon and follow the steps to create your Algorand account. Make sure you use the same email address that you used when you purchased the license.

As final step you have to create your PIN for the PlanetWatch App: please note to don’t put 0 as first digit for your PIN. Please note that you can change your PIN on the Explorer by clicking on the sensor, then on “Update PIN” in the sensor board.

⚠️Always back up your passphrase. If you forget your passphrase, your Planets will be lost⚠️

You are now ready to view your air quality data and send them to PlanetWatch to receive rewards!

After registration, you can click on Access again to display your dashboard, or click on the Home icon in the top right-hand corner at any time to return to the dashboard.

🔹 Tap the Sensor icon to view and send your data.

🔹 Tap the Map icon to locate your sensor on the map.

Please note – the App can only manage one sensor at a time. Only tap the Reset icon if you want to connect and register a different sensor.

Once you have successfully connected the sensor with the PlanetWatch App you can monitor the air quality around you and start taking looking after your health and the health of your family 🌿.

Please join our Slack Channel where you’ll be able to receive professional advice on how to best monitor and improve the air you are breathing. Join our Telegram Channel and sign up to the newsletter to get the latest updates. 

To keep up with PlanetWatch developments, follow us on:

Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook

Thanks again for joining the PlanetWatch network. 

Your planet needs you!

91 thoughts on “Set up your Atmotube sensor and connect it to PlanetWatch”

  1. Hello, on IOS when try to create the Algorand account, it was stuck on “connect to device”
    On android it works, but then it disconnects, and it is also try to connect, but does not connect

      1. Hello! If I have 3 atmotubes how do I manage it. Do I have them on 1 app and account, or do I have to make 3 accounts (with 3 wallets or on 1).
        Its not clear for me at this moment how do I do it. Can you please tell me more about having multiple atmotubes?

        Thank you!!

  2. I am so upset. I have been trying to get this atmotube set up and it has been so hard. 1 the website was down today and that made things dumb and very frustrating for me. then after getting it set up and synced I wasn’t able to purchased license… finally after getting license and syncing phone the sensor keeps going in and out. after i tried to restart the app the pin isn’t being recognized as a 6 digit and only lets me in with a 7 digit code which i never did and now i have NO ACCESS to my account. I have so much anxiety due to how frustrated this whole process has been. At this point i almost through the device at the wall lol I just want this to be as simple as helium but not at all.

    1. Hi, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We had a problem in the night (CET time) with our website that we have solved now. Unfortunately, how it is stated in our instructions, our PIN has a bug if you put 0 as the first digit. I’m going to send you an email with the new PIN.

      1. Same issue here, PIN is not recognised anymore, I’ve set up a 6 pin code and now asks for a 7 digits code.Cannot connect and on algo signer states that the ”Asset Freezed”.
        Thank you

      2. Hello! I unfortunately did not read that I wasn’t supposed to have a 0 as the first number in my pin until it was too late. Would you mind helping me reset my PIN as well?

          1. I did the same thing unfortunately and started my pin with a 0. Could you help me as well with a new pin?

            thanks in advance.

          2. Hi there, by mistakenly, i have created a pin with zero. Could you please sent me an email with new pin so that u can have a access to planet watch app.
            Thank you in advance.

  3. Please, is it possible to own 3 sensors in different places, each will be paired with one android phone and possibly my e-mail account? How many licenses will I need, please? One or 3? Thank you, Josef

    1. Hi, no, after you’ve connected the first time the sensor to the Atmotube App, you need to close it and use only the PlanetWatch App.

  4. Hi, i followed the guide but there was no option to create an Algorand account in the planetwatch app.

    To register your Atmotube PRO sensor, click on the Access icon and follow the steps to create your Algorand account. Make sure you use the same email address that you used when you purchased the license.

    When i clicked the Access icon in the APP it took me straight to a page asking for my email and to make a PIN. I have done this but i don’t think that created an Algorand account, did it?

    Also when i click the Map Icon, in the planet watcher app, it says i dont have the ALGOSIGNER installed, so it does not find my location. Can someone help please?


    1. Hi, the App should have shown you 25 passphrase that are the key of the Algorand wallet created by the PlanetWatch App. In the account page of the App you can see your Algorand wallet address.
      AlgoSigner is a Chrome extension that works only on desktop computers. We’ll soon release a new app with map functionalities.

    1. Hi, hve you followed these steps?
      – put the “Always on” mode in the Atmotube App (In the App you click on Setting-> mode -> Always on)
      – stop the Atmotube App before you open the PlanetWatch App
      – keep the PlanetWatch App always open (only in Android device you can keep it always open but in background)
      – if the Bluetooth isn’t on in the PW App, close the PlanetWatch App, turn off the Bluetooth and the GPS, open again the app and enable them when the App ask you to do it

      You can also check if in the device settings there are some limitations on the Wi-Fi, screen, background, battery, GPS.

    1. Only if you do it with two Android devices: in all the other cases the PlanetWatch App will create a new Algorand wallet for your sensor.

  5. Will you guys be able to fix your ios version of planet watch so that it can continue mining effectively? A lot of people use iphones now and I bought 2 for my wife and friend that also have iphones. It’s been 3 days about and she has mined .57 planet tokens. There has to an update on this, please.

    1. HI, for iOS there isn’t a solution, unless Apple does something. There are some specific exceptions for apps that play audio, Navigation and similar things in the background, but not for our scope.

  6. Hello people,

    I registered my Atmotube PRO, received 25 passphrase, created PIN.
    Now let’s say that I have lost my passphrase. How to register the same Atmotube from the start to create new passphrase?
    Because now it always asks a PIN from me after I connect Atmotube in Access menu. No new registration.

    Please advise

    1. Hi, if you have lost your passphrase you need to create a new wallet and contact us giving this information:
      – your sensor code;
      – your current Algorand wallet address;
      – the new wallet address where you want to move the sensor.

      Please note that if you lose the passphrase all the Planets in the wallet will get lost.

  7. Hello! Why I didn’t get planet token? Why I didn’t see my sensor at the map?

    1. Hi, we send Planets once a day, at 2 p.m. CET, based on the total number of streams that you sent us the previous day from 00:00 CET to 24:00 CET. AlgoSigner is available only on desktop computer, but the new app will have map functionalities.

    1. Yes, is the Europe website and is for the rest of the world.

  8. I click access to register my device and only see a refresh devices button. I do not see my ATMO Tube on the list. The ATMO Tube works in the atmotube app.

    1. Same problem. No matter how many times close app my sensor won’t show. Just the refresh button and the close.

  9. Hi, do both mobile phone and Atmotube Pro have to be together all the time to process data and get rewards?

  10. Hi,

    I have bought two licenses at once (one for me, one for my girlfriend). When I received the confirmation and saw no codes, I came here and see that the license is assigned to the email I bought it from.
    Does that mean that even thought I bought two licenses, I can’t use it on two different accounts, but should have bought the two licenses separately? Still don’t have the Atmotube with us, but is there any way to use one license for one device, and the other bought license for the other, for different accounts?

  11. Could anyone help to login PlanetWatch account on another phone, it seems that I can only register after clicked “Access” button.

  12. Hello,
    Got my Atmotube 2 days ago. First day received 0.4 tokens, this morning got 2.2 tokens. I do have a few questions I hope someone can answer…

    How do I keep the device connected to the PlanetWatch App? Seems it’s constantly disconnected from the bluetooth and tries to reconnect, which takes forever to reconnect.

    Also, I noticed that on the PW App if I don’t switch from the Air Quality Score tab to the Dashboard (Air Quality Collected) that the data collected is not reported. ie: overnight no data was reported in my Algorand Account until I update the Dashboard with the data. What can I do to make sure all data collected is uploaded into the PW App?

    Lastly, does the Atmotube device collects data at all times? Or does it needs to be connected to the PW App at all times for it to collect the data? Just wondering since I am using an Android phone for the PW App but I’m an iPhone user so don’t want to carry 2 phones with me if I don’t have to.

    Thanks in advance!

  13. I wanted to buy sensor type 1 but first I wanted to try the 4 (Atmotube) and I must say that it is real junk.

    I bought the license for 2 years and connected first the atmotube app and then the planetwatch app.
    I have configured everything and closed the atmotube app.
    Then open planetwatch app but nothing, it constantly loses the connection with the Android phone (I tried with 3 models).

    Virtually unusable for mining

    If this is the quality of the service and consequent mining, I will absolutely not buy a type 1 sensor and I would advise against it at all

  14. Hi
    I’ve set everything up and it seems to be running fine and I’m receiving the 0 planets rewards every 2-3 minutes on the Algo explorer but I’ve had no payout as yet? I started approximately 24 hours ago from now (8.45 UK time). Any help appreciated or am I being impatient?

  15. It doesn’t work for me. The Atmotube pro app works fine. But after following the instruction, entering pin number and all. The app, never recognizes me. It always met me with the original menu and ask me to register. I’ve done it twice. I’ve written do 25 word twice. Everytime, the app doesn’t recognizes me. Have been on this for hours now. Why doesn’t the app ask me to log in with my 6 digits? I just cannot log in, just register again and again… I’m exhausted. I went on your telegram, everybody was very nice, but it didn’t solve my issue. Is it something wrong with my license. Did I do something wrong in the process of setting up my account so now it can’t work?

  16. Can I use an gps and bluetooth Android tablet (wifi only) with the device in my backpack to collect the data on the go and then connect to wifi when back home or does the device need a constant internet connection?

  17. Hello entered a pin and now is not recognized,is not starting with”0″ please advise

  18. My datas are sending only every 5 minutes. So i just get about 8 Planets a Day…. how Do i get the 2-Minute Rythm?


  19. Hi,

    My sensor has been working fine for a week and sending data every 2 to 3 minutes but all of a sudden has started sending data every 10 minutes which impacts my earnings. I have tried uninstalling and installing the apps again and reseting the phone, I even tried a different phone as well but the same issue happend! Is there a fix for this?

    Thank you

  20. Hi, I’ve bought a used atmotube pro and struggling to set it up on the app. It finds it OK but when I press on connect it jumps straight to enter pin? Please help

  21. buon giorno, sulla mappa dell’app appena scaricata, premendo il pulsante my sensors non trova il mio atmotube pro, nonostante abbia 3 punti di accesso gps.

  22. I am trying to import my passphrase into the algorand wallet. But my passph has 24 words not 25. Number 7 has a blank space (I photographed the passph while registering). Algorand does not allow me to continue leaving word number 7 empty. How is this possible, what can I do? I noticed your name is Italian. If you want you can also answer me in Italian. thank you

  23. Hello! I unfortunately didn’t read that I wasn’t supposed to have a 0 as the first number in my pin until it was too late. Would you mind helping me reset my PIN as well?

  24. hello app suddenly stopped sending data to the network despite being connected to the internet + location enabled and the Bluetooth connection is excellent. i have been having similar issues since I got the device but it was quickly resolved by re-openning the app, this time its been 2 hours and I have tried restarting the mobile with no luck. I’m not sure whats the issue but the air quality data collected has stopped increasing in number and no streams on the blockchain showing.

  25. I purchased Type 4 license for 3 years paid with Paypal.
    I ordered without register my account, How can I have a license?
    I have an account now but it says “no Order”. Are you able to update?
    I sent 3 eMails but no reply at all.
    Thank you

  26. Hallo i was buy a license typ 4 for 2 Year and i can this registred ,i have a same email adress but not funktion, i need help

  27. Can one email address be used to connect to multiple licenses and sensors? Or do I need one email address for each licence?

    How does one add several sensors on the Planet Watch app?

    Finally, how do I go to my Algoland wallet? I’d like to check how well my Atmotube Pro is doing

  28. Hello.

    I’m earning different planet amounts each day,
    Never over 10 planets what is the reason for this?

    Many thanks

  29. Please help me to activate my license, every time tray to add wallet seeds give me error and i am stacked if not please give my money back i have bought 3 years license and now I can’t used!!!

    When i click on Access go straight to open wallet but at the end give me error to connect to Blockchain

  30. I have purchased a type 4 license but have a Awair sensor which is supported by the type 4 license according to your web site. It is only looking for an Atmotube sensor. Do I need to download a different license than the one I purchased? I do not see another to download.

    1. Hi, the license is a digital product, the Completed status of your order is all you need to connect the license with your sensor.
      Both AWAIR Element and Atmotube PRO are Type 4 sensors.

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