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January 7 AMA Claudio Parrinello - PlanetWatch

January 7 PlanetWatch AMA recap

January 7 PlanetWatch AMA recap

In this article you can find a recap of the 7th of January AMA with our CEO, Claudio Parrinello.

January 7 AMA Claudio Parrinello - PlanetWatch

Main announcements

🟢 Type 1 and Type 3 Q4 2021 batch

All remaining purchase emails for the Q4 2021 batch regarding Type 1 and Type 3 sensors will be sent out by the 10th of January and from the moment you receive the email you have 10 days to buy your sensors
Our goal is to ship the devices by the 20th of January.

🔵 New Type 2 devices

There will be two new Type 2 devices, including one that is able to connect to the Helium network. More information on this soon.

🟢 Type 4 Awair Element technical issues

We are facing data transfer issues with Awair Element sensors, which result in missed streams and reduced rewards. However, we are discussing an improved SLA with Awair and we hope to have news on this in the upcoming weeks.
In the meantime, please do not open additional reward-related tickets for Awair Element sensors.

🔵 New Type 4 devices

We are currently evaluating market opportunities and assessing devices.
There are some sensors on PlanetWatch’s onboarding pipeline. But do not trust any rumours you read on the web. When it is time, you will hear it from us.

🟢 PlanetWatch and Helium

We have a roadmap for collaboration with the Helium network and we are working on a combo device putting together a Helium router and an air quality PlanetWatch sensor, but we still do not have a timeline set.

🔵 PLANETS freeze and clawback

Next week we will be taking a step further towards decentralisation as we will permanently disable freeze (i.e. disabling token transfers from an account) and clawback (i.e. the possibility to take back tokens from an account), which means you will have full control of your PLANETS.
From now on, you will need to be even more careful with what you do with your PLANETS and which platforms you trust because, in case of dispute or theft, PlanetWatch will have no power to act upon it.

Q&A with Claudio

Did you see a big impact of New Year’s Eve fireworks on your air quality data?
Broadly speaking, no. The density of our sensor network is still not high enough to detect all firework activity and this year we were not specifically looking for this correlation but we know for a fact that fireworks are bad for the environment. In the past, we have studied the impact of fireworks on air quality in a specific city and we found a big increase in PM 2.5.

When will the new updated PlanetWatch app be available on Google Play? I have issues with Android not showing my sensor nor my wallet.
The issue stated does not have to do with the App, it has to do with the database that is not getting updated fast enough. Due to the increasing number of sensors, there is a need to scale up our servers even further. We are currently working on a fix but, meanwhile, you do not need to worry because this issue does not affect the rewards.

What’s the latest with air purifiers and purchasing them with PLANETS? Also, how many PLANETS will we need to stake for each tree?
Both of these features are overdue but we hope to be able to launch them properly by the end of Q1 2022. 

When we finally get the option to buy the sensor by holding a license, the time awarded to complete the purchase is very short. In case you are not able to complete the purchase on time what would happen? Would you go to the last place in line or can you request the opportunity to buy again by submitting a ticket? 
If you miss the 10-day purchase window for a good reason, just open a ticket and we will do our best to help and try to add you to the next batch.

Can I use Type 1 in Thailand?
Please refer to the information on our website. Country restrictions are mostly related to manufacturer’s policies. The countries listed for each sensor are the ones to where the devices can be shipped.

What are the batch dates and the estimated delivery times?
There is a page on our website where you can check which batch you belong to.

Can you support the replacement of a module sensor for Type 3?
It is still early to discuss this but we are on top of it.

TinyMan is compromised. For New York, we can’t use BitMart or MEXC. Can the period to buy sensors be extended or always able to use fiat?
Please open a ticket mentioning you are a New York resident and we will gladly help.

Did any new projects sign with PlanetWatch to buy the data we are streaming?
We are talking to a number of stakeholders, both in the US and in Europe and the level of interest is high.
First and foremost, we have to ensure the data’s quality. That is why we are about to release outdoor deployment guidelines for sensors, which we will be asking all PlanetWatchers to comply with. 

Any research or collaboration on the correlation with air quality and Covid-19 infection rates?
We have submitted a research proposal on indoor air quality together with some academic partners. However, for now, we do not have a project to study the direct correlation between air quality and Covid-19 in mind but it is something that can happen in the future.

How will we know if the data from our sensors gets sold?
It all comes down to decentralisation. In an ideal world where everything is managed by the blockchain, the sale of the data would take place directly on the blockchain. Since we are not there yet, at the moment, PlanetWatch will be selling the data and handling all the process, as well as sending the additional rewards for people generating the data that is getting sold. That being said, whenever your data gets sold, you will hear it from us.
In our technical roadmap we are looking to further decentralise all the processes, including this one.

Keep watching our Planet and get ready to help us make it greener by staking your PLANETS! 🌍