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PlanetWatch AMA 1 July

July 1 PlanetWatch AMA Recap

July 1 PlanetWatch AMA Recap

In this article, you will find a recap of the latest AMA with our CEO, Claudio Parrinello.

🟢 Waiting list

As of July 1st, license purchases will no longer put you on a waiting list, meaning you do not have to buy a license to secure a sensor purchase. This is an important transition to a free-market approach to hardware deployment.

This comes at a time when the fulfillment of orders will soon shift and we will be able to complete them more efficiently.

It is important to note that we will keep fulfilling and prioritizing the order on the waiting list.

🔵 Humble pool

We have announced a new staking collaboration with Humble

By adding Algos and Planets to their liquidity pool, you can stake the resulting liquidity tokens on Humble’s farm. The rewards are paid half Algos and the other half in Planets.

The farm has been live since June 29th.

🟢 New wearable mobile App

We are finalizing the internal tests of the new wearable App that will soon be available to a group of beta testers. 

Once we gather their feedback and solve any issues or add any features that might be suggested by the community, we will announce a timeline for the official launch.

🔵 License renewals

We are currently working on a license renewal engine that is planned to be released in July. 

In the meantime, we have disabled the expiration checks until this new product is released. Even if your license is about to expire, you will not have to worry about it – you will keep getting your rewards.

After the license renewal mechanism is out, we will resume the checks on the licenses’ expiration dates.

🟢 Updates on Type 2 sensor

We are still finalizing the internal tests of the Type 2 sensor developed by TEA, the manufacturer that is also behind the Airqinos.

Once we are done with this stage, we will move into a testing phase with early access users from the PlanetWatch community – the selection process will follow the waiting list order.

Depending on how this second testing unfolds, we are aiming to make the sensor available to the market in August.

🔵 PlanetWatch mobile App update

PlanetWatch released a new update for the PlanetWatch mobile App on June 28th that now includes an improved troubleshooting tool.

The most important feature is the automation of some of the issues that before had to be solved manually once pinpointed by the troubleshooting tool within the Explorer.

From now on, please use this tool from our App first to confirm if your sensors are compliant with PlanetWatch’s requirements. This will assure you keep receiving rewards and will fix any existing problems.

There will be an additional set of compliance checks on our side on July 14th to ensure everyone’s playing by the rules.

Learn more about how the troubleshooting tool works.

🟢 AMA changes

We are moving towards a new format that will replace the AMAs, involve more PlanetWatch team members and cover a wide range of topics. We are still refining the concept, so we will have a transition phase in the upcoming weeks.

We will keep on answering questions from the community but will do so in a written format via a blog post – this will improve clarity and precision as well as our availability to answer more of your questions.

In the meantime, any important updates will be announced through our official social media channels, namely Twitter.

Thank you for your support and for looking after the Planet.