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Q&A July 8 - PlanetWatch

July 8 PlanetWatch Q&A

July 8 PlanetWatch Q&A

As announced, we are moving towards a new format that will replace the AMAs. For the time being, while we craft the concept, we will answer your questions through a biweekly blog post.

Q&A July 8 - PlanetWatch

Here we go:

1. How will PlanetWatch grow during a bear market? Do you have funds to deal with this situation?

Under current market conditions, it makes sense for us to focus on: 

  1. Strengthening our technical infrastructure, processes and ecosystem, which includes using our governance system to vote on proposed White Paper improvements;
  2. Making the most of what we have already built (e.g. analyzing and leveraging datasets from cities where we currently have good coverage to put together case studies);
  3. Testing new sensors and improving data security standards.    

The project is supported by several investors. We will push through a bear market while we focus on scaling up data-related revenue streams. 

2. How will PlanetWatch protect the value of the rewards?

The best way to protect the value of rewards is to concentrate on delivering roadmap items which strengthen Planets’ use cases. The key use case is payment for access to air quality data, so we are currently focused on delivering API-based access to our dataset and starting POC projects on data analysis in key cities worldwide. 

In addition, the community’s feedback inspired a proposal for some token model improvements which will soon be the object of a governance vote. 

3. When are you going to actively involve PlanetWatchers in making important decisions for the company using proposal mechanisms?

We are setting up a mechanism to have the community directly submitting proposals that would then be either approved or rejected through a governance vote. 

4. Does PlanetWatch itself provide liquidity? Or is it only supported by investors?

Liquidity on exchanges or DeFi hubs is both provided by PlanetWatch and by ecosystem members, including PlanetWatch investors.

5. Can you share any operational or technical details about the partnership between PW and Miami?

Our partnership with the city of Miami and the Miami-Dade county is going strong. At the moment, we are having in-depth discussions to finetune all the details and proceed to the deployment phase.

6. When can we expect the Type 2 devices to be released?

We are performing final tests internally to then make available for purchase a batch of sensors to the first users on the Type 2 waiting list and initiate an additional testing phase prior to the full launch. After collecting feedback from these early access users (who will be rewarded for their efforts), we will be able to set a final date for the official sales opening. 

7. What are the current meaningful utilities/uses of the Planet tokens at this point? 

At the moment, Planet tokens can be used to purchase licenses and sensors as well as to be staked for earning PW:Forest tokens to plant trees in our forest under the Stake for the Planet initiative.

In the near future, the main use case for the Planet tokens is paying for data access in connection with data sales. 

Additionally, we are exploring other use cases for the token that will benefit our community.

8. Does buying a license grant me a spot on the waiting list?

Owning a license bought until the 30th of June grants you a spot on the waiting list (announced here and here). This means your orders will be prioritized by our partner vendors.

Licenses purchased on or after the 1st of July no longer give users a placeholder on the waiting list.

9. Has PlanetWatch reached a threshold of being able to supply hardware quickly?

PlanetWatch is finally at the time of overcoming the challenges related to the hardware availability. Therefore, we are moving to a free-market approach to sensor deployment. Every aspect of hardware handling will be outsourced to trustable partners with expertise in the industry.

These changes will speed up the process of fulfilling sensor orders, grow the sensor network more efficiently, and help us focus on data-related business opportunities.

10. Now that Helium Deploy is the only official sensor vendor, does that mean that EU citizens will have to pay custom taxes when getting a Type 1 or Type 3 device?

No, as per usual, EU customers pay their respective VAT but will not have to pay any custom fees.

We will soon announce further partnerships for the distribution of PlanetWatch-approved sensors, namely in Europe.

11. Why can people not in the waiting list buy Type 1 and Type 3 devices at Helium Deploy and within one week shipping?

There were some initial technical difficulties, which have already been sorted out with Helium Deploy.

The PlanetWatch-approved sensors are now available on Helium Deploy’s store only to waiting list users. 

12. Is it possible to extend the period to choose an option from the Element Community Resilience Plan, which ended on the 30th of June?

We first announced the Element Community Resilience Plan on the 4th of May AMA and then published a detailed blog post (6th of May) laying out all the conditions and dates tied to it.

Later on, we disclosed additional information about the two options up for choice and how to proceed (25th of May) and reminded what the deadline to do so was.

In between, this topic was discussed on both the 18th of May and the 3rd of June AMAs.

We also specifically prepared a step-by-step guide to claim option one (10th of June), since it required several actions on the user’s side.

Furthermore, there were emails sent on the 11th of April and on the 25th of May to make all Element owners aware of the two main blog posts (those published on the 6th and on the 25th of May linked above) where they could find all the information about the Element Community Resilience Plan – in case they didn’t follow us on social media or didn’t visit our blog on a regular basis to keep up with the latest updates on the project.

At the same time, we used Twitter, Discord (@everyone mentions) and Telegram (pinned posts) to spread the word out:
May 6th, 2022
May 25th, 2022
June 10th, 2022
June 17th, 2022
June 21st, 2022

Taking into account that the information needed for Element owners to choose an option and claim their benefits under the Element Resilience Community Plan was timely made available and subsequently advertised through several of our official communications channels, we see no reason to extend the deadline initially set.

13. Looking for clarification on the rule of future license purchases as it relates to the Resilience Plan vouchers. Say I have 10 Element sensors (3,000 PW:Credit tokens) and I am on the waiting list for 20 other sensors (i.e. licenses already purchased). Will the vouchers only allow me to purchase an additional 10 licenses (1 for each Element I have), or can we use vouchers to purchase more than 10 licenses if we have enough vouchers (i.e. possibly purchases 20 licenses for future use after the initial license for each sensor runs out)? 

According to our license policy introduced back in February, you have surpassed the overall limit of licenses permitted per user (the reason you are authorized to have 5+ licenses is because you bought them under our previous license policy and the new one has no retroactive effects) and would not be allowed to purchase additional ones. However, since you own 10 Element sensors, you can exceptionally buy 10 more as we are granting 1 license over the 5 license limit per Element device.

License renewals are not connected to this limit as you’ll buy those (which will be a new different product soon to be released on our store) to extend activated licenses.

14. Is it possible to use Element vouchers to buy a license renewal? 

Yes. However, bear in mind that the product to renew an existing license will be a different one than those currently up for sale on our e-commerce website and will be added this month. 

In the meantime, we have disabled the expiration checks until this product is released. If your license is about to expire, do not worry about it because you will keep getting your rewards.

After the license renewal engine is out, we will resume the checks on the licenses’ expiration dates.

15. Why is the PW:Forest APR% lowered from 1.2 > 0.24? Why was the stake disabled for a week?

As every other running staking pool at that time, the APR was lowered to account for the market conditions and retain the value of the trees that have a fixed cost. 

Regarding the stake having been disabled for a week, it was due to some internal maintenance operations on the side of PlanetWatch. In general, the process of activating and refilling a staking pool that got depleted is not an automated process for safety reasons. For our staking pools, and the same happens with others, this process is needed and it often means there is a 1-2 day downtime.

For today this is all! Some of the questions received in the meantime will be answered on the next Q&A blog post (22nd of July).

Thank you for your support and keep watching the Planet 🌍