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June 17 AMA Claudio Parrinello - PlanetWatch

June 17 PlanetWatch AMA Recap

June 17 PlanetWatch AMA Recap

🟢 Coindesk’s Consensus 2022

Claudio Parrinello was invited to participate in the most important blockchain, crypto, and web3 event of the year – Consensus 2022 by Coindesk.

He had the opportunity to meet interesting and knowledgeable people from different communities who value and understand PlanetWatch’s mission. New potential clients and partnerships may arise from his participation.

If you did not have the opportunity to participate in the event but would like to see the “Environmental Well-Being” session (where Claudio participated) or other panels, click here.

🔵 The United Kingdom Clean Air Day

We recently communicated on our social media channels, in celebration of the UK’s Clean Air Day (June 16), two different projects we are developing in East England. 

South Norfolk Council, a local government, intends to monitor the air quality to tackle directly the sources of air pollution and promote a better life for their citizens. 

Saxon Air, an airline enterprise, will monitor air quality at its headquarters in Norwich International Airport.

We are pleased to work with governments and private companies that want to understand how they can tackle this issue and improve their citizen’s quality of life.

🟢 HeliumDeploy vouchers

Helium Deploy vouchers are available at our marketplace (make sure you log in to access the vouchers tab). There is only one $100 voucher – on purchases in EUR on HeliumDeploy, USD will be converted into EUR in the checkout process.

We recommend you read our latest blog post on this subject for further information and a step-by-step guide on how to buy vouchers.

🔵 Stake for the Planet 2.0

We are pleased to introduce Stake for Planet 2.0 – the sequel of the initiative we started in April 2022 intending to plant one million trees.

The second batch of 1.000 trees is already available on the marketplace and comes with two novelties:

1. There will be more tree species and countries to plant them
We are adding three countries to the list of places where you can plant trees – Cameroon, Ghana, and Guatemala. Additionally, also find two new tree species – Mangrove and White Mangrove.

2. We are introducing a token burning mechanism

In order to make data stream rewards more appealing to the community, we are introducing a burning mechanism. In short, it works by taking tokens out of circulation to increase the value of the ones already circulating.

The burning mechanism is still under development. However, a temporary wallet that stores all the tokens that will be burned was already set up.

Click here to learn more about Stake for the Planet 2.0.

🟢 Type 2 sensor timeline

Although it comes with a delayed answer, we are on a good track to start selling the new type 2 sensors soon.

Before making them available, a test group of 100 beta testers will assure everything is working smoothly.

As a final note, we understand your concerns regarding PLANETS’ price – the market is in turmoil and nearly every single token and cryptocurrency price dropped. However, we would like to remind you that the great value of the project is in the endgame: the possibility of getting rewards through the data sold by PlanetWatch. 

As Claudio mentioned in the AMA, we would like to thank every single one of you for believing and supporting the project.