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Let’s KYC to protect PlanetWatch

Let’s KYC to protect PlanetWatch

Dear PlanetWatchers,

We decided to enforce identity checks (KYC) for all users with immediate effect, as this will help us protect our network and the quality of our data. 

A Basic KYC is required for all PlanetWatchers in order to receive rewards. Those who already own more than 5 licenses will be asked to pass our Advanced KYC. Do not worry… in both cases the process should result easy and seamless.

Starting from March 14th, Planets rewards will not be credited if the sensor’s owner has not completed the KYC process.

To complete the Basic KYC, you need to verify:

  • Identity
  • Liveness
  • Phone

After completing the Basic KYC, in order to pass the Advanced KYC, you also need to verify your Residence.

If you need more than 100 licenses for one or more sensor types, you must apply as a corporate customer. Please send an email to [email protected].

Since the KYC verification must refer to a single email address, it isn’t possible for the same owner to purchase licenses using different accounts.

Effective March 4th, if you buy licenses using more than one account we will no longer merge the accounts and your purchase will be refunded.

After that date and until March 14th, we will only handle merge account requests related to license purchases dating prior to March 4th. During this period, you can ask us to merge your accounts by opening a ticket (select the “Merge accounts” option).

In case you have any trouble with the KYC process, please contact Synaps.

How to complete the Basic KYC

Open the PlanetWatch Explorer page and sign in with your credentials.

From your User Menu choose “MyVerification” and follow the instructions:

  • Identity:

Select the country that issued your ID document, then choose the document type.

Accepted ID documents: passport, national identity card, driver license, residence permit.

Next, select your image capture method (or upload your image from your computer or from phone by scanning the QR code/link provided). Take or upload a picture of the front and back side of your ID. Please note that the picture should not be blurred and the file should not exceed 4 megabytes in size.

  • Liveness:

Grant access to the webcam of your phone or computer. 

  • Phone:

Select your country and insert your phone number, then choose if you want to verify your phone by receiving a message or a call.

After you complete all the steps, the system will start checking your data. You can monitor the progress on the PlanetWatch Explorer verification page.

How to complete the Advanced KYC

After completing the Basic KYC, you need to also verify your Residence. Please upload a Utility Bill, a Bank Statement or a legal document showing data which match those of the document that you provided in the ID verification step.

18 thoughts on “Let’s KYC to protect PlanetWatch”

  1. Did the basic KYC but phone verification fault.
    There is no possibility to do a reset or do the process again.
    How can i solve the problem ?

    1. Hi, if you have any issue in the process contact us using the “KYC issue” option in the dropdown menu in the PlanetWatch Support portal.

  2. National ID document verification denied
    What do I do to re-upload another document?
    During the authentication process, the site does not have the possibility to try again

    ID Verification:


    What should i do now ?

    1. Hi, if you have any issue in the process contact us using the “KYC issue” option in the dropdown menu in the PlanetWatch Support portal.

  3. I’ve completed the ID-verification and liveness but when I added my phonenumber i got a text with a number, I entered the numbers several times but it failed and in the end I couldn’t do any more tries and i was rejected on that part, Now I can’t fix it and my verication is not done. please tell me what I can do?

    1. Hi, if you have any issue in the process contact us using the “KYC issue” option in the dropdown menu in the PlanetWatch Support portal.

  4. Unable to login to complete KYC. I live in the US, signed up on the .us website. Cannot login to the .io website.
    Please advise

  5. Hi. I’ve bought 2 type 4 license by using 2 email separately. I only registered and KYC the first email ([email protected]) and activated with the atmotube pro. For the second email (sarayucrypto@gmail)/license ( Order #10130 9 October 2021), I haven’t registered the website or activated with atmotube pro yet. How can I KYC the second email and license that I’ve bought.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi, you need to merge your accounts by opening a ticket and choosing the option “Merge Accounts”

  6. Give us a direct link to the kyc page not instruction how to get there wouldn’t it be easier if you just put up here is a link to the kyc page please get this done before the first December thank you plan to watch I’m not a webmaster to check that out do I sound irritated and frustrated absolutely somebody took the time to make a whole page on how to get there when I would have just been easier to say here is a direct link to the kyc page simplicity is a wonderful and functional thing

    1. Hi, you need to do the KYC in your private area on the Explorer page (that is linked in the article), so that’s not possible to give you a direct link to that specific page.

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