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Metrikus integrates outdoor air quality from PlanetWatch

​​UK-based software company Metrikus to partner with PlanetWatch for outdoor air quality data integration

​​UK-based software company Metrikus to partner with PlanetWatch for outdoor air quality data integration

Metrikus will leverage PlanetWatch’s real-time outdoor air quality data to offer its clients enhanced environmental and building efficiency monitoring.

Metrikus integrates outdoor air quality from PlanetWatch

PlanetWatch is pleased to announce a new partnership with Metrikus, a UK-based software company. The partnership aims to provide valuable environmental data and insights to Metrikus’ clients.

Metrikus is the market leader in providing data-based solutions with the ultimate goal of making indoor spaces and buildings smarter, safer, and more sustainable. By partnering with PlanetWatch, Metrikus will be able to offer its clients real-time outdoor air quality data, an essential data source for effective environmental and building efficiency monitoring.

With air pollution becoming a critical issue for many cities worldwide, there has never been a greater need for accurate and reliable air quality data. PlanetWatch’s network of sensors provides highly precise and up-to-date information on air quality, enabling partners like Metrikus to offer clients a deeper understanding of their environmental impact and how to improve it.

This partnership between PlanetWatch and Metrikus is a significant milestone for both companies. For PlanetWatch it poses an exceptional opportunity to expand its reach and increase technology adoption across a wider range of industries. Metrikus, on the other hand, will be able to position itself in the market with an innovative set of hyperlocal environmental data, offering an unparalleled service to clients and partners.

Claudio Parrinello, PlanetWatch’s CEO, says “We are pleased to join forces with Metrikus as we strongly believe our outdoor hyperlocal air quality data will help generate even more value for their customers and tap into unexplored segments of the environmental monitoring market.”

Gary Cottle, CEO of Metrikus states that “we are delighted to partner with PlanetWatch to be adding in their hyperlocal outdoor air quality data to our platform and clients. Metrikus provides indoor air quality monitoring to leading corporates and landlords globally to help them improve the health and well-being of their buildings. Metrikus also owns AirRated, a leading independent scientific Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) certification system, and having the PlanetWatch hyperlocal data alongside this building-level certification system will significantly help our clients improve their overall understanding of their air quality”.

This partnership marks a decisive step forward towards more sustainable and environmentally aware business practices. By providing clients with access to real-time air quality data, Metrikus is enabling them to make informed decisions about their operations. This will not only benefit the environment but also help reduce costs and improve efficiency for businesses.

Metrikus provides its building efficiency software to clients across the globe, deploying thousands of indoor air quality sensors. The UK-based company will now use data from PlanetWatch’s network, which comprises a total of more than 20.000 active air quality monitoring devices.