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New waiting list and sensor sales strategy

New waiting list and sensor sales strategy

In this article we are presenting a more transparent waiting list management tool as well as a new strategy to waiting list fulfillment and sensor sales. 

These changes will enable us to better focus on our core business of data analysis and monetization, as we are now discussing several potential data deals.

Step 1: Improving Waiting list information

In March we announced a new waiting list management system to be released by the end of April. The goal is to provide you with more accurate information regarding the status of your order. 

From now on, in our “Batch Info” page you will be able to check:

  • the month in which you are expected to be able to buy your sensor,
  • your exact position in the waiting list, many sensors need to be delivered before yours.

Please note that if you do not complete your purchase when your time comes, your order will be removed from the waiting list. 

Now let us give you some really good news: since our partners are increasing sensor production,

All the orders in the waiting list placed until yesterday, April 28 2022, are expected to be fulfilled by November 2022!

Step 2: Speeding up sensor sales and fulfillment  via trusted partners

As you know, PlanetWatch’s strategic focus is on collecting, validating, and monetizing environmental data. In the last twelve months, we have been reselling several types of sensors to the community as we felt this was the most efficient way to enable you to get PlanetWatch-compliant hardware safely and at reasonable prices.  

As we are now discussing several potential data deals, it is crucial for PlanetWatch to focus most of our resources on delivering high-quality data products.  

For this reason, in the last few weeks we have been vetting some vendors to identify a reliable partner who could first help us seamlessly fulfill the current waiting lists, accepting PLANETS payments, and then continue to sell compliant sensors to our community in a professional way.

As we are finalizing an agreement with the first partner in the coming days, it makes sense to proceed as follows: 

  • Effective May 15, new license purchases will no longer give you access to the waiting list for sensor purchases. So, as soon as the existing waiting list is fulfilled, it will be a very open market which is expected to ultimately improve your buying experience.
  • As waiting list fulfillment will proceed in a more efficient way, despite our previous announcement you will no longer be required to pay a 30% down payment. You will just make the full payment as soon as your sensor becomes available.  

We really believe that the above changes will help us achieve our strategic goals faster. 

In the meantime, keep watching the Planet and get ready for a big AMA on May 4th!