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New waiting list management system | PlanetWatch

New waiting list management system

New waiting list management system

In this article we will look into our new waiting list management system and clarify the situation for Q1 2022 deliveries.

New waiting list management system | PlanetWatch

It has been a while since we last updated the batch info on our website. We understand this might cause some distress, so let us fill you in on what is going on backstage as we work to improve the sensor order management process and enhance your customer experience.

Q1 2022 breakdown

After a long wait, this week we finally opened sales for 900 Type 1 and 900 Type 3 devices and it is worth clarifying that:

– The purchase emails sent out on March 9th only cover a part of the Q1 2022 batch:
Type 1 orders on up to order number #9032
Type 1 orders on up to order number #6985
Type 3 orders on up to order number #15338
Type 3 orders on up to order number #9847

– The time window to pay orders is narrow (until March 14th, 6pm CET) because in this way we can move faster and send additional purchase emails right away, if all sensors are not bought by the deadline.  

We are working hard to secure more stock and resume sales. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with a 1-month delay related to the pandemic and the worldwide shortage of components that traces back to 2021. As a result, the Q1 2022 batch will be entirely fulfilled by mid-May.

The good news is that, starting from May we should be able to keep up with demand, since our partners are increasing sensors’ production, so our goal is to deliver all the orders currently assigned to 2022 by the end of the year.

Explorer 2.0

In order to bring more transparency to the whole process and keep you better informed on the status of your order, we are developing a new waiting list management system. We move from a system based on quarterly delivery estimates to one where you will be given an expected month for order fulfilment. 

This new system will be implemented with our new Explorer interface, due to be released in April.

Among other things, you will be able to easily check:
🏷️ your order status
⏱️ your exact position in the waiting list and the month in which you can buy your sensor
📍 the tracking number of your order
📄 your invoices
📎 credit notes if any

New waiting list management system | PlanetWatch
This is a mockup of the new Explorer interface. We are still fine tuning some details, so the final version might look slightly different.

All in all, be ready for a refreshed look and a bunch of new features that will make it easier for you to navigate across the Explorer and view the data collected by your devices.

Down payments 

To maximize our ability to procure sensors on international markets and thus reduce waiting times, we need to introduce further changes. 

Starting from April, when the new waiting list management system will be in place, for all orders scheduled to be fulfilled in the following three months, a 30% down payment on the sensor price will be required.

Failure to make this payment will mean you lose your spot in the waiting list. If you so wish, you may apply to get a refund for the corresponding license.

On the other hand, if we are late by more than one month with respect to the target fulfilment date, you will be able to request a full refund for the price of the license plus the down payment on the sensor. Soon we will disclose more details.

This down payment is instrumental to enable PlanetWatch to buy large sensor stocks as soon as they become available and keep up with the delivery schedule. Such a policy also discourages people who buy licenses simply to get a placeholder in the waiting list. 

Keep watching our Planet and stay tuned for more! 🌍