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New website and dashboard release

Following extensive performance analysis for a number of sensors by our technical and scientific team, with valuable input from our Betatesters and partners, we are now ready to release:

  • Planet Explorer: a tool enabling the visualization of all Planet transactions, including a dashboard to visualize current and historical data from Outdoor, Indoor and “Around you” sensors.
  • A new version of our Map, where one can visualize the data from all outdoor sensors, as well as all data from your own sensors.
  • A new PlanetWatch website including an e-commerce module so that you can buy the sensors we have selected for you.

We aim to display our data in a simple and intuitive way while providing relevant information from verified data. At this stage we are focusing on PM2.5 particulate data. Additional measurement types will follow.

Let’s take a look in detail at the various tools. 

Planet Explorer

The Explorer has two sections, a public one and a private one for PlanetWatchers. 

In the public part, thanks to a collaboration with the Rand Labs team, it is possible to read key figures for the Planet token (circulating supply, total supply, total mined, latest transaction) and the Planet owners ranking.

Access to the private section is restricted to those who have purchased a PlanetWatch-compliant sensor and have started sending data to our network. In order to log in you need a Google Chrome browser with the AlgoSigner extension installed, developed by the PureStake team. Before logging in, it is necessary to import the Algorand account which is linked to the PlanetWatch sensor on the Algo Signer (see below):

By clicking on the My Sensors login button, you will be asked to enable the AlgoSigner (if you have not already done so) and to select the Algorand address linked to your sensors. Finally, you will be prompted to sign a transaction in order to ensure that you are the owner of that account. 

Once the authentication process is completed, you can view on the dashboard data related to your sensors.

You can visualize historical data for the last 24 hours, week, month or year.

PlanetWatch Map

Again, the interface has two sections, one public and one private. 

In the public section if you zoom in on specific locations, it is possible to visualize the data from all the local outdoor sensors which have streamed data in the last 60 minutes.

By clicking on a pixel (1.2 x 0.6 kms), it is possible to view the current air quality based on PM2.5 levels and historical data for the previous 24 hours, week or month. 

Access to the private section is reserved to those who have purchased a PlanetWatch-compliant sensor and have started sending data to our network. To log in, you must follow the same process as for the Planet Explorer. Once the authentication process is complete, you can zoom further in, up to a pixel size of 152.9 x 152.4 m. You can change the visualization to show outdoor, indoor or Around You data if you own any relevant sensors and they have streamed data within the last 60 minutes (outdoor and indoor) or 24 hours (Around You).


We have enhanced the website by providing more user-friendly content designed to give you a better experience.

We have added an eCommerce platform enabling fast purchases of PlanetWatch-compliant sensors, so that you can start earning Planets immediately.

New features include: 

  • Cool multimedia content such as interviews and Tips & Tricks
  • An explanation of the token model 
  • News on projects starting in the cities of Milan and Taranto.

We are working hard to provide you with cost-effective devices to get first-hand, instant information about the air you breathe.

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    I had an Apple phone and now I switched to Android. How can I transfer to my planetwatch data from the planetwatch app to the android?
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