Become a PlanetWatcher

Discover PlanetWatch Ambassador Program

Discover PlanetWatch Ambassador Program

If you think outside the box, you have a strategic mind and the ability to create local networks, if you love to challenge yourself and do care about the environment, you’re in the right place.

Become a PlanetWatch Ambassador

Become a PlanetWatch Ambassador, and help us build the first global air quality monitoring network. We’re looking for outgoing personalities to spread our mission around the world. You’ll be part of a vibrant global network, with the common goal to empower local communities and give them the right tools and information to play an active role in the decision-making and problem-solving process. Knowledge is power, help us build the future.

We want to increase awareness on environmental issues, so we ask you to promote our vision and to help us build and support our community. In exchange for your support we will award you Planets.

Below the three key profiles we’re looking for.

  • Ambassador: tasks and skills

Ambassadors have specific professional qualifications and activities relevant to PlanetWatch. They are in a position to connect PlanetWatch to associations, institutions and businesses. Ambassadors create partnership opportunities and help us launch high-impact projects.

  • Sentinel: tasks and skills

Sentinels are the link between PlanetWatch and local communities, They are enthusiastic and capable of engaging people and organizing local PlanetWatch events. They play a key role in opening up new PlanetWatch territories.

  • Coder: tasks and skills

We are looking for high-quality software contributions to expand our resources. Have you developed a cool application or solved a problem for our community? Have you written some innovative and well-structured code that you want to share with the community to help or inspire others?

Think outside the box!

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