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PlanetWatch API Release v0.5

PlanetWatch API v0.5 – Release Notes

📢 API v0.5 – Release Notes

We are excited to announce that we have just released the v0.5 of our API.

This version introduces a range of enhancements and new features that will elevate the data retrieval experience and enable the redistribution of Planets to sensor owners after each data sale, according to our White Paper and the Earth Credits model.

Breaking Changes

This new version sets the following constraints for data retrieval:

  • Request data for a maximum time window of 93 days per each API call.
  • Access a maximum of 366 days of historical data. Data older than 1 year can be obtained by submitting a specific request to our Sales team.

New Features

v0.5 brings several new functionalities subdivided into 3 main services:

Calculation of sensor owners’ rewards for API requests

We are now able to get, for each API request, detailed information about: 

  • The price of each data stream
  • The amount of data consumed
  • The caller’s email (to identify the exact Organization user who has performed the request)
  • The reward amount (in Planets) that will be paid to each sensor involved (i.e. whose data streams were retrieved and sold)

New sensor status endpoint

This new endpoint will return key information about connected sensors within an Organization, namely:

  • The last date of data streamed 
  • The total number of data streams, for a selected time period
  • The last date of reward payout
  • The total payout amount, for a selected time period

Support of wildcards in Organizations

This feature allows to retrieve the full list of available sensors instead of getting the generic “AIRQ_*”, enabling users to get the exact sensor IDs available to request data from.

What’s next 

The next release (v0.6) will deliver the automatic payment of data revenue share, ensuring that sensor owners receive their cut on data sales seamlessly. Furthermore, it will also introduce the possibility to purchase data credits through the client’s preferred payment method.

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