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PlanetWatch API Release v0.3

PlanetWatch API v0.3 – Release Notes

📢 API v0.3 – Release Notes

About one month after launching the 0.2 version of our API, PlanetWatch’s tech team has just deployed a new version. 

We are happy to bring you the new features that were just released with version 0.3. 

New Features

Time aggregation granularity

On the previous API version, only a fixed standard 30 minutes time aggregation was available. With v0.3, time aggregation can now be specified more accurately.

Air Quality and Comfort Index

With this release, we have added the PlanetWatch Air Quality Index (AQI) and the Comfort Index to the API response. 

The PlanetWatch AQI is calculated by taking all the levels of pollutants in the environment and evaluating each pollutant level in a 24-hour timeframe. The total AQI corresponds to the worst value obtained by each pollutant.

Additionally, for indoor sensors, we have released a PlanetWatch Comfort Index, which gives information about indoor comfort levels based on PlanetWatch’s data.

Raw data access

Users will now be able to access PlanetWatch’s raw data. This will be most useful for research and development projects where PlanetWatch partners with research institutions.

What’s next 

As a final note, the next releases will deliver new functionalities for users, profiles, and access management as well as the first features for PlanetWatch’s data monetization and billing.

Learn more about our API and book a free demo or learn more about what is coming next by reading our roadmap blog post.