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PlanetWatch Licenses on sale next week!

PlanetWatch Licenses on sale next week!

Dear PlanetWatchers,

As announced in a recent blog post, we are gradually moving to a new system where we don’t deal directly with sensor sales and let PlanetWatchers buy sensors approved by PlanetWatch wherever they want. 

Today we are able to:

  • Disclose the initial pricing model for licenses,
  • Announce a partnership with the maker of Atmotube PRO, our approved Type 4 sensor, which yields a big discount for your purchases! Make sure you read this post till the very end…

Let’s recap first:

PlanetWatch leverages four types of air quality sensors which reflect the use cases that we pursue:

  • Type 1 and 2 are premium and consumer-grade outdoor devices respectively, 
  • Type 3 refers to indoor devices, 
  • Type 4 is for wearables and other special devices. 

For each type, we have identified devices which strike a good balance between price and performance. Such approved devices can be connected to the PlanetWatch network and earn token rewards in return for data. The list of approved devices will grow in the future as we continuously monitor the sensor market.

So, here comes the first formal announcement: 

From now on, approved sensors must be linked to an active PlanetWatch license in order to connect to our network and earn rewards. Sensors bought from PlanetWatch before today have been granted a free, perpetual license.

License prices and promotions

Licenses are priced as follows:

Please note that French added value tax may be added to your purchase depending on where you are based and whether or not you are a corporate entity.

The above prices will apply until the Planet token is listed on the first exchange. Afterwards, prices may be subject to change and the token promotion will be withdrawn. 

We will open online license sales next week. Initially we will accept FIAT money (Euros and Dollars), stable coins (eEUR and UDSC on Algorand blockchain) and Algos.

As soon as the Planet token gets listed, we will introduce Planet payments.   

Please note the following important points:

  • License validity period starts when the license is first linked to a sensor. So, you can buy your license at any time, even before you get your sensor, as the counter won’t start until you link it to your sensor.
  • For the time being, all licenses are non-transferable, i.e. once you link it to a specific sensor, it cannot be used later on for a different sensor.

Finally, we recommend that you don’t trade sensors after they have been linked to an Algorand account and to a PlanetWatch license. If you do, you might be in breach of governmental regulations (some sensors are certified for use only in specific regions of the world). Also, Planet earnings won’t automatically follow sensor ownership transfers as earnings are tied to Algorand wallets and licenses. In the future we might be able to set up a secure sensor ownership transfer process, but we cannot commit now.

Atmotube PRO – PlanetWatch 20% discount code!

As you know, Atmotube PRO is a low-cost, wearable air quality sensor which works very well as a Type 4 PlanetWatch-approved device. Following high demand for these devices from PlanetWatchers worldwide, we have managed to negotiate a generous discount for you with the sensor manufacturer, who are also able to ship worldwide.

You can now buy an Atmotube PRO device here:

Make sure to insert our special PW2021 code to get 20% discount!

Please note that in order to connect your new sensor to PlanetWatch and earn Planets, you will also need to purchase a Type 4 PlanetWatch license and link it to your sensor.

Finally, for those who own an Atmotube PRO not connected to PlanetWatch: if you buy a Type 4 license and link it to your sensor, you too can now become a PlanetWatcher and start earning Planets!

Keep watching the Planet and stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

9 thoughts on “PlanetWatch Licenses on sale next week!”

  1. Any update on when the Arianna model is coming to the US?

    Does the AtmoTube still have syncing issues with iOS devices?

    1. We are working on the Arianna certification for the US market. On iOS the PlanetWatch App does not send data to our network when in background mode.

  2. Hi Planet,
    For the Atmotube PRO, do I have to use an Android Mobile Phone to connect with it? Or I can use an iPhone? Do you have videos showing how to set up and connect Atmotube with PlanetWatch? Thank you!

    1. Hi, the Atmotube PRO works on the iPhone, but the PlanetWatch App does not send data to our network when in background mode and this could have a significant impact on the amount of Planets earned.
      At the moment there aren’t videos, but we are working on it.

  3. Great news guys! Is there also news on whether we can buy Arianna sensors from selected suppliers?

  4. Can I still buy an Arianna sensor from PlanetWatch when they’re back in stock? I’d rather get a perpetual license than pay yearly.

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