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PlanetWatch closes project to monitor air quality in Italian schools

PlanetWatch closes project to monitor air quality in Italian schools

We’re pleased to announce that we have signed a service contract with a local government institution in Northern Italy to monitor the air quality in local schools. The project intends to ensure students and staff have the ideal and secure indoor air quality environment to learn and develop.

Poor air quality has several implications on an individual and collective level. It worsens allergies, boosts the possibility of airborne virus transmission, such as COVID-19, and increases the risks of severe asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases. Good air quality levels must be ensured to protect students.

Furthermore, inadequate air quality has an adverse effect on the learning experience of students. For instance, high levels of carbon dioxide reduce memory, impair concentration, and lower decision-making capabilities. As students spend hundreds of hours per year in classrooms, ensuring they have all the conditions to make the best out of their learning experience is crucial for their success.

However, not enough schools look after the air their students and staff breathe. Fortunately for the students of this region, a new standard for indoor air quality will be set and their health and learning experience safeguarded.
Air quality inside classrooms, labs, and common spaces will be monitored in real-time, allowing for pollution hotspots and trends to be detected, analyzed and mitigated. In the future, the scope of this partnership might be broadened to cover other public infrastructures.

“We are glad to be part of such an important project. Looking after the air students, professors, and staff breathe is vital for the learning environment and their health,” said Claudio Parrinello, co-founder and CEO of PlanetWatch. “It also demonstrates that a highly innovative Web3 project such as PlanetWatch is delivering valuable services to governmental institutions.”

Air pollution is a real existential threat, killing more than seven million people every year, more than the Coronavirus pandemic did in over three years. PlanetWatch’s team is now focused on closing more projects such as this one and data sale deals with both governmental and corporate entities worldwide.

More details, including the names of the entities involved in this project, will be disclosed later this year.