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TEA Group

PlanetWatch partners with TEA Group to quickly deliver sensors

PlanetWatch partners with TEA Group to quickly deliver sensors

TEA Group

PlanetWatch is pleased to inform its stakeholders that it has just extended its partnership with TEA Group to better serve the community.

TEA Group is a renowned environmental services company, a spin-off of the Italian National Research Council, with nearly 40 years of experience working in the scientific field. 

TEA Group will sell Type 1 and Type 3 sensors directly to members or want-to-be members of the community. Additionally, TEA Group will also sell the new Type 2 sensor as soon as it is released.

This is an important step in the growth of PlanetWatch’s community-driven network. Initially, TEA Group will work to quickly fulfill all the remaining batches of the waiting list for European customers and will soon be able to ship fresh new orders outside the waiting list.

TEA Group accepts Planets, credit cards, and bank wires as payment methods for the sensors.

Ernesto Fucci, PlanetWatch’s Business Development Manager, ensures that “having TEA Group as a distribution partner is vital for the growth of PlanetWatch’s network and, consequently, a key step to gain more traction in closing more API sales.”

“Partnering with PlanetWatch is a great opportunity for us to expand our reach to a wider customer base,” said Federico Simonti from TEA Group. “We will also have the chance to further contribute to a better knowledge of the air quality across the world, which will lead to impactful decisions by governments, public organizations, and companies.”

“This partnership will foster an improved understanding of air quality across the world through reliable and precise data,” said Alessandro Zaldei, Lead Researcher of the Italian National Research Council.

PlanetWatch will keep on exploring new partnerships with companies all around the world with the goal of leveraging its presence and fulfilling PlanetWatchers’ orders more efficiently. Currently, our priority is to cover cities where air quality is heavily compromised and to help decision-makers make data-led decisions.

The purchase emails for all orders that were supposed to have been delivered during the second quarter of 2022 (corresponding to licenses bought until the 30th of November 2021) will be sent out today. We will let you know once the website starts accepting orders outside the waiting list.