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This license enables connecting  a Type 1 device (such as Airqino) to the PlanetWatch network and earning Planet rewards in return for data streams.


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All licenses are non-transferable, i.e. once you link it to a specific sensor, it cannot be used later on for a different sensor. For details of Planet potential earnings please refer to the White Paper.

License validity period starts when the license is first linked to a sensor. So, you can buy your license at any time, even before you get your sensor, as the counter won’t start until you link it to your sensor.

Only approved sensors must be linked to an active PlanetWatch license in order to connect to our network and earn rewards.

Use of licenses is regulated by our license agreement.

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4 reviews for Type 1 License

  1. Pawel Rutowicz (verified owner)

    Hello. I bought two airqino licenses a week ago. When can i expect the device? what are the next steps? when do you have to pay for the device? should the payment be in Planets? Do you sell this device? If not you, where do I have to look for him?

  2. Matthijs IJsselmuiden (verified owner)

    When one buy’s a license, one is put on the waitinglist. Sensors to buy in chronological order from first license buyer to last. You will get an email from Plantetwatch when you are eligible to buy a sensor.

  3. Ovanes Tvapanyan (verified owner)

    Want to ask you , after we bought a license type 1 is it mean that when come time to buy a sensor we must pay again with planets ? Thank you.

    • Sara Di Civita (verified owner)

      Hi, yes, on the planetwatch.io website, we only accept PLANETS payments.

  4. mr dragon Fire (verified owner)

    So… I just bought a license.. am i automatically on the waitinglist?

    • Sara Di Civita (verified owner)

      Hi, yes, your order is automatically inserted in the wait list.

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