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Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

In order to increase token model transparency and better inform the community regarding the Recycle Bin, we have added in the Explorer a Recycle Bin dashboard showing the amount of recycled tokens for each applicable sensor type and pixel tier. The change from the previous day is shown in green. The daily change reflects data based on the last reward distribution.

Technical details

A new ASA (PLANET Recycled Token) has been created which has the same maximum supply as the main Token (Planets). Every day, before distribution, the rewards are counted for each sensor category. Two cases can occur:

1st CASE: the total reward is lower than the daily budget based on the White Paper. Then the distribution takes place normally and leftover tokens are transferred to the relevant Recycle Bins.

2nd CASE: for some Type Tier, the total reward is higher than the daily budget based on the White Paper. A check is then carried out on the amount of tokens in the relevant Recycle Bin. If the amount is sufficient to complete the distribution, full distribution takes place; otherwise, a new distribution budget is computed which will reduce the number of rewards to each sensor in order to saturate the available budget. In both cases, tokens are moved from the Recycle Bin to the Recycle Bin Burning address, which is used to enforce the correct Circulating Supply bookkeeping. 

To check the amount of tokens for each category you can monitor the following addresses:

Recycle Bin Burning 

Recycle Bin Type1 Tier1

Recycle Bin Type1 Tier2

Recycle Bin Type2 Tier1

Recycle Bin Type2 Tier2

Recycle Bin Type3

Recycle Bin Type4

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