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September 1 AMA session with PlanetWatch CEO

September 1 AMA session with PlanetWatch CEO

In this article you will find the answers of our CEO, Claudio Parrinello, from the AMA session on the 1st of September.

Before answering your questions, let me first introduce our newly approved Type 4 sensor.

The new Type 4 sensor is called Awair Element. It is a consumer-grade indoor sensor, not a wearable one, a sensor that you plug into the mains and connect to your home Wi-Fi.

Awair Element can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website using a special 5% discount code PlanetWatchIAQ5.

Since we do not sell the sensor directly, we have no control on the stock, so it is first come, first serve, i.e. the order of purchase of your Type 4 license is not relevant.

The sensor cannot be connected immediately to PlanetWatch, as we are in the process of finalising the software interfaces. We estimate that we will be ready to connect such sensors by the end of the month. 

So, it is up to you: if you are afraid that the product will sell out soon, you may want to buy it now. If not, you may want to wait till we are ready to connect them to the network.

Another important piece news, which I’m very proud to announce, is the following:

As you already know PlanetWatch is providing turnkey indoor air quality solutions to some corporates, including two hotels in Italy. 

Now, thanks to our monitoring solution, one of our hotel customers has just achieved the RESET Healthy Air Certification for Commercial Interiors

Our customer is the second hotel in the world to achieve this certification, and the first in Europe. This is why we insist that PlanetWatch is a project about science, about protecting public health and about standards.

Additional updates:

  • New App we solved a number of tech issues, hopefully the App will be publicly released next week.
  • Atmotube PRO stock we received an update from Atmotube: 2,000 Atmotube PROs should be available by the end of September/ early October, plus possibly 5,000 by the end of the year. 

As you know there is also a PlanetWatch stock of 100 pieces that should be coming soon on Amazon US.

  • We confirm that the Airqino October batch will be certified for the US and Canada. We are working together with the manufacturer on Asia certifications.

Here you can find PlanetWatchers’ questions to Claudio

Will PW introduce a protection system for pixel pioneers in case their Type 1 has a hardware failure or gets destroyed by a pixel competitor? It’s not fair to lose the primary spot in a pixel due to events outside the host’s control and it is equally unfair for a backup to promote itself to primary through brute force.

We cannot get into this sort of disputes or investigations. We all hope that all the sensors will be properly maintained and nobody will engage in criminal actions to earn more PLANETS. 

For the upcoming NFT’s you could earn by staking PLANETS, isn’t it an idea to exchange these earned NFT’s for license discounts or perhaps full-year licences? This way the PLANETS-tokens stay more in circulation and have a more stable value?

We are not inserting direct financial elements into our future staking system. License discounts would be one, so, no. 

Although you are allowed to have 2 Type 4 on you (one static at home and another mobile), how does it work in cold countries like Canada? When winter comes, for obvious reasons I avoid staying outside since the temperature can reach -40C where I live. I was wondering if the devices can handle this kind of temperature.

I know there are a number of potential situations which are not easy to manage, but, unfortunately, I would say that we cannot just cluster sensors indoors when it’s cold outside. Please, do refrain from running permanently multiple sensors of the same Type in the same environment. 

When will the August batch for Type 1 sensor get the email to purchase the Type 1 sensor, we got an email at the end of July that said “You will receive before the end of August an email including a link to buy your sensor.”

All emails for the August batch were sent. If you do not find it, please open a ticket.

Does the Type 1 sensor ship from within the EU?

Yes, the current device, which is Airqino, ships from Italy.

What would be the implication of moving the Airqino in another country (supposing it is already approved in the destination), after running it for a while. I guess we need a support ticket and all will be ok?

Yes, but let us know first by opening a ticket.

Please focus on DEXs for swaps for the US until PLANETS can get on a real exchange with customer support. BitMart is unusable.

We are focusing on both CEXs and DEXs. Hopefully Algorand DEXs are coming soon.

Sometimes in the community I see people asking if this Type 1/2/3/4 is allowed in my country? Why don’t you create a page where it shows which devices are allowed or not around the world?

We will do it as soon as possible. We will push our partners to do this job and communicate the data to us.

When the Type 3 sensor is released, will it be possible for USA customers to buy via credit card, or will we have to pay in PLANET tokens? 

It will depend on the PLANETS listing date on Bitmart or DEXs. As soon as PLANETS will be available in your country, we expect you to buy sensors with PLANETS payment, when you buy them from PlanetWatch.

Hello. Why is there no price tag for the Type 1 sensor in the PW website at the product listing?

We will check and improve our website.

Let’s say that after I receive my Type 1 and Type 3 sensors, I connect them to the wallet and they are working. If after this I switch off my phone/disconnect it from the internet, will the rewards still accumulate normally? 

Yes, for Type 1 and 3 your sensor does not need to communicate directly with your phone after the initial setup.

I have seen some advanced dosimeters come on to the market recently. Is monitoring radioactivity something planetwatch would be looking into?

I have already said something in my previous AMA about Radon monitoring. Monitoring environmental radioactivity means many things, not just Radon monitoring, but let’s do one thing at a time.

What is the status of the Bitmart exchange listing? 

By the end of September, if all goes well.

Would electricity usage monitors like Sense Energy, Eyedro, Emporia, etc be of interest in the future?

They could be. We are reviewing a number of technologies and environmental monitoring use cases. As I said several times, we cannot do everything at one time and for the time being we are focused on air quality monitoring which is a global challenge. 

What is your opinion on the new Helium – Airica partnership? As per their announcement, they plan to deploy 1000 sensors / week as opposed to 1000 / year as Planetwatch is currently delivering. At this rate, they will grow much faster than Planetwatch and take over the market. Are they a thread / direct competitor to PW?

I do not believe so. I did not have the time to review their offering, but they requested a call with us. 

When new Type 4 devices launch (Wi-Fi) will it be possible to transfer my 3 year license from my Atmotube to this simpler device?

Yes, it will be possible indeed.

Would it be possible to have an indication which order numbers qualify for which batch of T1, T3 devices, thank you.

Yes, it will be coming soon.

What will be the tokenomics for the new Radon, Water, Noise sensors? Will they be type 1, 2, 3, 4 and thus share rewards from those pools? Or will there be a separate token? If they share the PLANETS Pool with the present air sensors, that means the price of the PLANETS would have to go up substantially, if not it would be hard to onboard people. Or will there be other incentives to motivate people to buy the new sensors?

We will study this in detail when the time comes and communicate with the community, because some decisions might fall into the scope of decentralised governance.

How many units for the Type 3 and Type 1 miners do you think will be available in the next batch? Also how will that be allocated between the EU and the NA?

For Type 3, we anticipate no short-term stock challenge, according to what the manufacturer told us.

For Type 1, a priori we tend to allocate 50% to Europe and 50% to North America. Anyway this is very dynamic and depends on market demand.

We have a three story house, I want to monitor the air-quality in the kitchen, since I have discovered after cooking that the place really needs fresh air and I need to open the windows. However, my wife wants to monitor the air-quality of our sleeping room. Can I have two Atmotube PROs in this case in two rooms or not?

Let’s keep it simple: you can have only one sensor for each Type per household, unless, for wearable sensors, one moves a lot. Please, don’t keep two devices of the same Type all the time in the same house, even if it is in different rooms.

On new Explorer, in our login area, will we have a view on when our active licenses expire?

Yes in the new Explorer and in the new App too, there will be the possibility to view license expiry dates and a number of other interesting things.

I am interested in hearing more about the NFT and staking planets to plant trees. I know it is early days yet. Will you be trying to team up with volunteers (or governments) worldwide to plant trees/shrubs? Or is your aim to donate to volunteer groups such as Trees For Life in Australia.

We will partner with a company which manages renewable forests in a very efficient and transparent way. We will be building a global PlanetWatch forest and, within that forest, people who stake will have their own trees and sub-forests. We are working with this company to improve their own software to do something really cool, so that eventually we will integrate the PlanetWatch forest map into the main sensor map.

Can the planet watch app work on the iWatch models with GPS?

Sorry, not for now.

Will Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 be able to function in Turkey? Is Type 1’s SIM card system supported by the infrastructure of Turkey?

We will soon publish the list of countries.

Do you plan any devices to observe water quality amongst sea/oceans etc..? You know that recently pollution in the ocean has increased and is a really severe problem for our world. Bests, Volkan.

Yes, in the future.

Keep watching our Planet and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

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