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Spoiler: New Mobile App

Spoiler: New Mobile App

After releasing the final token model and starting with license sales, we are about to finalize the new Mobile App. We have focused on the most relevant features keeping in mind in this first release the suggestions of you PlanetWatchers.

Let’s see in more detail some previews of this first version.

Since our goal is to involve and raise awareness among as many people as possible on environmental issues with a main focus on air quality, some functions of the app are also available in incognito mode without the need to sign up. In particular, it is possible to check the air quality data where you are and to navigate on the public map of outdoor sensors that have joined our network.

If you have already joined or are interested in becoming an active part of our project, check the functions below in detail.

Algorand Account

After signing up you will be able to:

  • Create one or more Algorand addresses
  • Import your own wallet through the mnemonic which consists of 25 words.

Also, after adding an Algorand address (whose private key is kept in the encrypted settings in your cell phone only) you can:

  • Assign and modify the name of your account at any time so that you can always recognize it simply and immediately;
  • Review your mnemonic so you can make a backup at any time (after password or biometric authentication);
  • Initialize the Planet token;
  • View all assets (ASA) associated with that account;
  • Permanently delete the account (after authentication with password or biometric).


Also available in incognito mode without login requirement.

After granting permission to send your location, on your sensor screen you will be able to see the quality of the air outdoors (AQI) according to the European Environmental Agency standard. The worst values of the various pollutants (PM2.5, SO2, O3 and CO2) determine the pollution index in each pixel that is shown with a colored index where red stands for very bad while blue for very good. There is also an indication of the pollutants that contributed to the display.

For logged in users only who have either a valid active license or one that needs to be activated.

Action: Licences

If you login you can view your sensors already present in our network and if you buy new licenses you can activate them independently. The activation of licenses requires the following fields:

Sensor code (directly on the device for Type1 and Type2, retrievable from the app for Type3 and Type4); Choice of Algorand address where you wish to get Planets tokens.

Location where the sensor is installed (Type1, Type2 and Type3) or where it is activated (Type4).

Type1 (AQ)Type2 (WA)Type3 (AW)Type4 (AB)
sensor’s icon

At the bottom of the screen you will be able to see all sensors that have been connected to the PlanetWatch network related to the account that has logged in. You can also see your own indoor and wearable sensors. For each sensor the average values are shown and if you click on the relative tab you will see the following values:

  • Last data: hour and time of the last stream sent (AQ, WA, AW, AB)
  • Streams Sent: number of streams sent from the activation (AQ, WA, AW, AB)
  • Location: GPS position (AQ, WA, AW, AB)
  • Local Score: Score in the current Hashgrid (AQ, WA)
  • Total Score: Total Score in all visited Hashgrids (AQ, WA, AW, AB)
  • Qualifying days: Qualifying days in the current Hashgrid
  • Status: Leader or Backup (AQ, WA)
  • Hashgrid: hashgrid code (AQ, WA)
  • Hashgrid visited: number of Hashgrid visited from the activation (AQ, WA)


In the public section you can visualize the data from all the local outdoor sensors which have streamed data in the last 60 minutes. By clicking on a pixel (1.2 x 0.6 kms), it is possible to view the current air quality based on PM2.5 levels and historical data for the previous 24 hours, week or month. 

Access to the private section (My Sensors) is reserved to those who have purchased a PlanetWatch-compliant sensor and have started sending data to our network. You can change view to show outdoor, indoor or Around You data if you own any relevant sensors and they have streamed data within the last 60 minutes (outdoor and indoor) or 24 hours (Around You).

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  1. I am having difficulties connecting sensor with old planetwatch app, so would like to try new app. At the moment I feel like I have wasted a lot of time and money

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