Become a PlanetWatcher


Our technology stack rests on four main pillars.

IoT Devices

We build our network using compact air quality monitors which stream data to our cloud platform. Only third-party monitors that Planetwatch has thoroughly tested for reliability and performance against reference systems can be connected to the PlanetWatch network. We are developing our own monitors, which will feature increased data security and reliability (proof of data origin).

Big Data Management

We are setting up a data acquisition framework capable of receiving and validating high-frequency data streams from thousands of sensors worldwide. In doing this we leverage the CERN Control and Monitoring Platform (C2MON), which is a heterogeneous data acquisition framework with configuration, persistence, historical browsing, control and alarm functionalities. It has been developed for CERN’s demanding infrastructure monitoring needs and is based on more than 10 years of experience with the Technical Infrastructure Monitoring Systems at CERN.

AI for Data Analysis

One of the biggest technical challenges for Planetwatch is to extract reliable air quality information out of data from a heterogeneous sensor network. We aggregate data from consumer-grade as well as high-end sensors, installed in a variety of sites, possibly including mobile sensors. This is why we need advanced AI-powered algorithms to cross-calibrate sensors dynamically and filter out outliers and spurious data.


We leverage blockchain technologies to build a global, permanent, tamper-proof air quality ledger and to track and reward all data streams. We have chosen the Algorand blockchain because of its unparalleled scalability and security. In addition, its Pure Proof of Stake (PPOS) consensus mechanism also makes the Algorand blockchain a “green” one, removing the need for computer-intensive calculations to validate blocks.