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Time to go…indoors!

Time to go…indoors!

Dear PlanetWatchers, 

As explained in our White Paper, indoor air quality is extremely important for people’s health. For this reason, we are keen to encourage PlanetWatchers to monitor the air they and their families breathe in their homes.  

After in-depth technical analysis and some commercial negotiations we are very happy to announce that an advanced indoor air quality monitor is now approved as a PlanetWatch Type 3 (indoor) device. 

We should be able to sell this device to worldwide holders of PlanetWatch Type 3 licenses by the end of September. 

Enter Kaiterra’s Sensedge Mini. It is a compact, simple to install, reliable device which connects to WiFi networks and streams data to PlanetWatch for temperature, humidity, particulate matter, Volatile Organic Compounds and CO2. 

A Certified Device for a Global Standard

One of the most important feature of Sensedge Mini is that it’s a RESET Grade B certified device. RESET is a set of standards and assessment tools & services to develop actionable, long term strategies towards health and sustainability for the built environment. In particular, RESET have pioneered a global standard to evaluate and benchmark Indoor Air Quality. This means that 

by using RESET-certified devices as Type 3 sensors, PlanetWatchers will help us build a highly valuable, unique dataset, allowing the comparison of indoor air quality in different venues across the world.

Such data will be invaluable from a scientific point of view. Some preliminary evidence: have a look at the first published scientific paper on indoor air quality with PlanetWatch as well as academic authors.

Of course, data will always be used in an anonymized way, unless sensor owners allow us to disclose more details.

When? Where? How much?

We are finalizing negotiations with Kaiterra to ensure that PlanetWatchers can get Sensedge Mini devices at a discounted price, worldwide.

I believe we’ll be able to sell at least 500 such devices to holders of Planetwatch Type 3 Licenses worldwide by the end of September 2021. The earlier you buy your license, the higher your place on the waiting list.

The price is expected to be around the 500 euro mark, plus VAT for EU-based PlanetWatchers, so approximately 600 euro all-inclusive. Those based outside the EU won’t be charged VAT, however we might need to charge them for shipping and customs duties, so the final price is likely to be a bit higher than the EU all-inclusive price. 

Sensors will be payable in PLANETS. By the time we’ll be ready to sell, we expect PLANETS to become available worldwide. If this won’t be the case, we’ll allow fiat payments for non-European Planetwatchers.

Keep watching the Planet, including your own home 🙂

21 thoughts on “Time to go…indoors!”

  1. the price of the sensor is around €600. The price of planets token today is €0.095 so 6292 Planets token. If the price of planets token in September doubles to €0.19 will the cost of buying the sensor be 3131 Planets token? Am I correct?

        1. Type 1 sensors are only payable in Planets as they are only available in Europe at the moment. Other sensors are payable in Planets in Europe ( and Planets or fiat elsewhere ( As soon as Planets will become available worldwide, we’ll switch to Planets-only payments worldwide.

  2. This is great news. I am relieved to hear that the sensor modules are replaceable by the user, that is a huge benefit to the environment, and keeps it simple for planetwatch and the planetwatchers. Thanks PW team! Keep up the great work!

  3. Hello

    I place an order on the 5 August for a Type 4 license. I’ve paid it on Bleumi today, 8th August, but my order appears cancelled on the Planet Watch website. My purchase is #6148.
    My planets are no longer on my Algorand Wallet.
    How can we solve this? I’ve tried to use the Support tab and but it’s not working. It says my account is suspended.


    1. Hi, as soon as the integration with our system will be completed, you can use a Type 3 sensor purchased not directly from PlanetWatch with our Type 3 license.
      Please note that if you do it, we are not responsible for sensors purchased in another website.

      1. Hi, So if I understand it right.
        For the moment it’s not possible to intergrate a Kaiterra Sensedge Mini that doesn’t come from Planetwatch. But it will be in the future?

        Best Regard

        1. Hi, Kaiterra activations will start when we finish the delivery of the September batch.

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