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Type 4 licenses: what’s next?

Type 4 licenses: what’s next?

In this article we will explain what you must do in case you bought a Type 4 device (before January 27th) and have no license to activate it.

Type 4 licenses | PlanetWatch

Earlier in the year we decided to slow down the growth of our Type 4 network to protect the long-term interest of the community. As a result, and after thoughtful consideration, we paused selling Type 4 licenses as of January 27th

Unfortunately, some people bought devices before January 27th not knowing the licenses’ sales would get temporarily suspended and are now unable to connect them to our network. If that is your case, here is the procedure to follow in order to help us assess whether you are entitled to Type 4 licenses:

  1. Open a ticket (select the option “Type 4 licenses approval”) and:
  • attach a copy of your device’s purchase order/receipt
    It must be dated between November 1st 2021 and January 27th 2022, and show the buyer’s name. If you already own other licenses, the email on the purchase order must match your KYC email.
  • mention which Type 4 device you own – Atmotube Pro or Awair Element

    The deadline to submit your ticket with the info listed above is March 18th, 6pm CET.
  1. We will then review all requests and announce the next step by March 25th

If we find any evidence of fraud (e.g. tampering with the submitted documents), you will be banned from PlanetWatch.

Please bear in mind that for Type 4 we are well beyond the saturation point, which means the daily reward budget is not enough to cover max daily rewards for all sensors, and the recycle bin is empty, so daily rewards have dropped according to the rules in the White Paper. Type 4 daily rewards are now being funded exclusively by the daily reward budget being shared across all eligible Type 4 sensors based on the data streams received.

Keep watching our Planet and thank you for sticking with us! 🌍