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Vouchers are live – learn how to redeem yours step-by-step

Vouchers are live – learn how to redeem yours step-by-step

This article was updated on August 1, 2022, with new information regarding license renewals and our partnership with TEA Group.

Dear PlanetWatchers, the voucher marketplace is now live. Please follow the steps below to redeem yours.
Keep in mind that all the keys are single-use. You should not share them.

Step 1.
Log in to your Explorer account.

Step 2.
Open the “Vouchers” tab on the marketplace.

If you intend to redeem a voucher for licenses:

Before selecting them, please make sure you have chosen the correct region.  License vouchers are fixed to the the specific site accounts, as in (License for .io) is only usable on (makroregion EU) while (License for .us) is only usable on (Worldwide apart from EU region).

If you intend to redeem a voucher for sensors:

Sensor vouchers are now available to use on Helium Deploy and TEA Group e-commerce websites. We will expand the availability to other providers in the future.

It is important to note that the two different currency vouchers (USD or EUR) were merged into one voucher that is displayed as USD 100 voucher, but can be used also on EUR purchases and will be converted into live EUR value reduction.

The process to redeem the sensor voucher code is the same as stated below for the license voucher. Confirm you apply the sensor voucher code on checkout (before paying) to benefit from the discount.

Note: you can not buy more than 20 items of a single product in one transaction. However, there is no limit to the amount of items you can own.

Step 3. 
When you are ready to move on with your purchase, click on the “Go to cart” button in the bottom right corner or the Cart icon in the top right corner.

As soon as you do it, a window with a legal disclaimer will pop up. Confirm that you want to add the selected item(s) to your cart and proceed.

Step 4.
At this stage, you should review all the items on your cart. You can delete them by selecting “Remove from cart”. In case you want to add additional items, go back to the “Vouchers” tab and add them.

If the items in your cart are correct, click “Order now” on the bottom right corner.

Step 5.
In order to pay, you must choose an AlgoWallet connected via MyAlgo – please keep in mind this must be the wallet with your PW:Credit tokens. If you need to import the wallet on MyAlgo Wallet website, you can check this video guide

A confirmation of the transaction will then be asked. As soon as that is signed off in MyAlgoWallet, your purchase is complete.

If you intend to use license vouchers in the Planetwatch store, please follow the steps below or watch the video to learn how:

Log into the websites shop on where your account is registered (.io or .us):
Also log into the Explorer and go to “MyVouchers”.
You can copy the individual voucher codes from your list and insert them in the shop to redeem store credit for usage.

Please note that you will be able to purchase license renewal with the vouchers.

On the regular website (if logged in) you find on your dashboard in the left side menu the new tab “Wallet”. If you go there you will see your Wallet balance, status, expiry date, and total amount spent on purchases. Under this window you will see the “View Dashboard” link. Following up there, you see the links to Overview, Wallet Activity and Discount Voucher.

If you follow the link to “Discount Voucher”, you get a field where you can paste your voucher code to redeem the store credit.

On your next purchase, after the step where you proceed to checkout, you will have an option at the top that will let you apply either all of your store credit or only a specific amount to the purchase on checkout. If your total value of store credit covers the full cost of purchase including VAT, you will have an option at the bottom to finalize the purchase only with your wallet, instead of using a payment method to cover any additional costs.

If you make a license purchase using store credit, be careful as when the total cost exceeds your store credit, VAT will be not covered and your store credit is only used for the amount before the VAT charge. If your total store credit covers the final total amount including VAT, the total amount will be payable with store credit.

Additional information

  • You can find the vouchers you just bought on the Explorer “MyVouchers” menu.

  • If, for some reason, you did not complete your order, please check the previously selected products on the “MyVouchers Orders” menu

  • The vouchers can be used for the renewal of current licenses.
    Disclaimer: Normal licenses can not be used to renew or extend existing licenses runtime.

  • If you still have not yet acquired your PW:Credit tokens but are eligible, or you want more information on this topic, please visit our blog post here.

  • If you are eligible for more licenses because you redeemed PW:Credit via Option 1 from your Element device, and want to buy more licenses, you can now do that instantly as your license limit was increased for each Element previously owned. We will update the limits every Monday until June 30.

If you have any issues that are not addressed in this blog post, please contact our support.

Thank you for supporting PlanetWatch and for helping raise awareness on air quality issues.