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White Paper 1.1 Released Soon

White Paper 1.1 Released Soon

Last week, the first PlanetWatch Governance vote took place. We proposed to implement a permanent 50% increase for the max rewards per stream for Type 3 sensors, funded out of the standard Type 3 rewards budget. 

The proposal was accepted by the Community with an overwhelming majority (92.4% of cast votes). Following this, we are releasing later today an updated version of our White Paper. Tables on pages 54 and 55 have been amended to reflect the new Type 3 rates. 

Please note:

  1. Owners of Type 3 sensors are already receiving rewards at the new rate, because PlanetWatch was funding a 50% bonus on top of the old rates. In other words, total reward figures for Type 3 sensor owners do not change – simply, what was previously funded by PlanetWatch as a bonus now becomes part of the standard reward
  2. Rewards for Type 1, 2, 4 sensors are not affected in any way.

These changes will be effective as of December 28, 2021.

Keep watching the Planet! 2022 will be great!

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