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April 20 AMA Claudio Parrinello - PlanetWatch

April 20 PlanetWatch AMA recap

April 20 PlanetWatch AMA recap

In this article you can find a recap of the 20th of April AMA with our CEO, Claudio Parrinello.

April 20 AMA Claudio Parrinello - PlanetWatch

Main announcements

🟢 Element long-term plan

We are working on the long-term plan, which will be released in two weeks time (4th of May AMA). 
Our challenge here is to transform a setback into a display of resilience from the community and the network.
To achieve this we are putting efforts and resources into preparing a package with options for Element owners. 
While all of this unfolds, you are still covered 5.4 Planets/day coming from the company’s funds.
In parallel, we are starting to process Type 4 license switch requests submitted by people who want to use them on Atmotube PROs yet to be connected to the network.

🔵 New Type 2 sensor

There will be a test batch (100 sensors) in May and towards the end of June a significant amount (5,000 sensors) will become available. 
The price cannot be disclosed yet, but here is a list of the main specs:
– The data streams will be sent directly to PlanetWatch;
– It uses Wi-fi connectivity;
– It relies mainly on solar power and has a backup power supply.

New Type 2

🟢 Type 1 recycle bin topping

As announced previously, data sales from 100 Type 1 sensors – mostly deployed in Italy and France -, will allow us to add 75,000 PLANETS for April into the Type 1 recycle bin. A blockchain transaction will give evidence of this topping.

🔵 Earth Day

The 22nd of April was Earth Day and, to celebrate the occasion, we had a busy agenda:

Stake for the Planet
We launched our green staking program through which by holding your PLANETS you can help grow sustainable forests around the world and contribute to the fight against climate change.
Let’s recap how it works:
– If you stake your PLANETS on Algostake, you will earn PW:Forest tokens.
– Once you have accumulated 1,000 PW:Forest tokens, you are entitled to exchange them for a tree in PlanetWatch’s forest, planted in partnership with Treedom
– Each tree will be linked to a collectible NFT that reflects its uniqueness. You can pick yours and then redeem it.
All you need to know about the redemption process is spelled out here.

Algorand Foundation event
Algorand Foundation hosted a green metaverse event and our CEO Claudio Parrinello was invited as a guest speaker. He addressed our mission, our solution and what the future holds. 
You can rewatch the talk here.

Reuters webinar  
Our CEO Claudio Parrinello also participated in a webinar promoted by Reuters. The other panelists were Staci Warden (CEO of Algorand Foundation) and Sylvain Filippi (Managing Director & CTO of Envision Racing, another Algorand eco-friendly project) and the topic was “Sustainability – Business Imperative and Innovative Technology”. 
The discussion was around how blockchain can power sustainable development and help drive ESG goals.

Q&A with Claudio

When will the new waiting list management system be launched?
The new waiting list management system, in which we move from quarterly to monthly delivery estimates, will be implemented by the end of April. It will take a bit more time to integrate it with our new Explorer interface. 

Can we convert license runtime of used licenses from Elements to licenses of other owned sensors?
Please wait for the release of the Element long-term plan. By then, you will have a full picture of all you can do with your licenses and sensors.
We will offer license holders different options from which to choose from. The goal is to incentivise the people most affected by this issue to stick around and remain part of PlanetWatch. 

What happens after the initial 1,000 trees within PlanetWatch’s forest are all planted?
If the Stake for the Planet initiative proves to be the success we wish for, once the initial 1,000 trees get redeemed, we will add further trees to our forest. 
This represents a relevant use case for our token and it is coherent with our mission. We are protecting public health here and now via air quality data and we also want to allocate resources to help mitigate climate change in the medium term.
For the time being the only way to plant trees is by staking. However, in the future, it might be possible to convert PLANETS directly into trees – which could be of interest to both individual PlanetWatchers and to corporates wishing to display their environmental commitment 

Keep watching our Planet and help us make it greener by staking your PLANETS! 🌍