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Official statement | PlanetWatch

Important update on Awair Element sensors

Important update on Awair Element sensors

Official statement | PlanetWatch

Dear PlanetWatchers, 

Back in October 2021, PlanetWatch and Awair signed an agreement according to which Awair has undertaken to supply air quality data streams from Awair Element devices connected to PlanetWatch’s network.

Issues have arisen concerning the execution of this agreement upon agreed terms. Unfortunately, despite several weeks of discussions with Awair, we were not able to reach an agreement ensuring a smooth and stable data flow between Awair Element devices and PlanetWatch infrastructure under the current technical setup. 

Awair notified PlanetWatch that they will no longer provide Awair Element data streams to us under our current agreement as of April 1st 2022.

We are disappointed that Awair is not willing to engage in further discussions as Awair Element is a good air quality monitor. 

However, Awair’s decision has forced us to set up a contingency plan to enable Awair Element devices currently connected to PlanetWatch to continue streaming data to us and receiving rewards. 

The plan requires your active cooperation since you will be sending us directly the data streams from your sensor. The details of the plan and its implementation will be described in a blog post to be published tomorrow morning at the latest. 

In order to mitigate any inconvenience in the coming days, PlanetWatch will issue a 5.4 PLANETS/day top-up to each connected Awair Element device for the next 5 days (in addition to regular rewards) to cover the transition phase. 

Rest assured that we are working on a long-term plan with regard to this situation.