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New Type 4 - PlanetWatch

Introducing IN5: your new Type 4 indoor companion

Introducing IN5: your new Type 4 indoor companion

Discover the key features of the new PlanetWatch-compliant indoor air quality monitoring device.

New Type 4 - PlanetWatch

Dear PlanetWatchers,

We are pleased to introduce you to the most recent Type 4 PlanetWatch-compliant device: the IN5

The new indoor air quality monitoring station is an easy-to-onboard Type 4 developed, designed, and assembled by Terabee, a French sensing and Internet of Things company.

As we have repeatedly mentioned, indoor air quality is vital for people’s health but it is often overlooked. So much so that the World Health Organization estimates that 2.4 billion people are exposed to dangerous levels of household air pollution. 

For this reason, we encourage you to monitor the air you and your family breathe indoors. Our new reliable Type 4 device will make this possible.

Plus, monitoring the air you breathe is easy, thanks to a color changing LED on the device

Green – Excellent air quality environment; Light Blue – Good; Orange – Fair; Red – Poor


Measurements: Air temperature; Air humidity; Carbon Dioxide; Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC); PM 2.5

Power supply: USB-C cable with a power interchangeable adapter for all the main socket types.

Rewards: As stipulated in the White Paper, you will be rewarded for data streams sent to PlanetWatch.

Data security: Data is sent directly from the device to PlanetWatch with no third-party servers Involved. All data is encrypted. 

Where should you deploy the new Type 4 device?

This air quality monitoring device will help you determine if the air you are breathing at home is safe and act accordingly.

Here are some examples of spaces where we recommend deploying the new Type 4 device for the sake of your health:

Children’s playroom

According to the World Health Organization, 93% of all children live in environments with air pollution levels above the guidelines. Even more than adults, kids face risks from air pollution not only because their lungs are growing but also because they are often very active and breathe a great deal of air.

Looking after the environment your children are exposed to during their playtime is fundamental to ensure they have the proper conditions for a safe development.


In case you work in an office, whether in your company’s building or at home, you should monitor the air quality of this space. Even though the most critical aspects concern health, it is also important to note that a poor air quality environment can also affect your productivity. 

For instance, high indoor concentrations of carbon dioxide can significantly impair your decision-making performance and ability to focus


Sleep quality is vital for health and daily performance. The air you are breathing in your bedroom affects the quality of your sleep. 

Even when overall conditions appear comfortable – low noise, moderate light, and appropriate temperature – it may be challenging to get a good night of sleep because of poor air quality.


Cooking releases some harmful contaminants into the air. If you are not careful, especially while frying, this can create a dangerous environment in your household.

Unfortunately, your kitchen’s exhaust fan will not keep a clean environment. Carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter will not be totally extracted from the air and will end up in the air you are breathing.

Please note that you can only deploy one type 4 device per household.

We will soon post more details about the price and the official release date of the device. Stay tuned!