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Air pollution - PlanetWatch at Web Summit

PlanetWatch at Web Summit

Ready to join the fight against air pollution?

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats to our health. PlanetWatch is on the lookout for innovative companies and governments interested in leveraging air quality data for impactful decision-making.

Air pollution - PlanetWatch at Web Summit

PlanetWatch’s team is attending this year’s edition of Web Summit, taking place from the 1st to the 4th of November in Lisbon, Portugal

On the 3rd of November, Claudio Parrinello, PlanetWatch’s CEO, will deliver a keynote on the GROWTH stage – “Blockchain with a purpose: building a green data economy” – at 10.30 AM, in which he will address what Web3 and a community-driven approach can do to help the smart cities of the future improve citizen’s wellbeing.

Web Summit is one of the biggest tech conferences in the world and it brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, corporate leaders, as well as technology experts and enthusiasts. So PlanetWatch is looking for networking opportunities with:

  • public and private organizations interested in using hyperlocal air quality data from our network of tens of thousands of devices spread across Europe and North America and developing PoCs;
  • people interested in expanding the network and becoming PlanetWatchers.

If you are at the event, drop by our booth on November 3rd (G122, Pavillion 3) to discover our monitoring solutions and products. 

You can also learn more about how to use our air quality network or the benefits of building it alongside thousands of other PlanetWatchers by clicking on one of the images below 👇

About PlanetWatch

PlanetWatch is reinventing air quality monitoring, complementing unreliable traditional networks with cutting-edge technology and unprecedented scalability. 

Our unique blockchain-based system incentivizes people to use air quality devices by rewarding them for their efforts. Through this joint approach, we are able to quickly and cost-effectively build a dense air quality monitoring network. 

This allows us to collect accurate, real-time, hyperlocal data that a wide range of organizations can use for multiple purposes.