Type 4 License Renewal

This license renewal will extend your Type 4 sensor’s license runtime for the duration selected and keep it connected to the PlanetWatch network.


670 Licenses sold

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All license renewals are non-transferable, i.e. once you add it to a sensor, it cannot be used later on for a different sensor of the same type.

You can purchase a license renewal even if your current one still has more than one month of runtime. However, please consider that you will only be able to activate it when the current one has already expired or is one month away from expiring.

Additionally, beware that you cannot add multiple license renewals at once to your current license. You have to activate one at a time: either when the previous one has already expired or is one month away from expiring.

Find more about the license renewal activation process here.

The use of licenses is regulated by our license agreement and our voucher policy.

For more information, refer to the White Paper.


Additional information

Licence duration

1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year


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