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Technical Roadmap

Technical Roadmap

Some of you will have certainly picked up the changes. We have completed the transition to the new infrastructure and are currently checking all the devices within our network. We are very mindful of the data we store on the Algorand Blockchain and we’re working to be as transparent as possible on the performance of each sensor.

What are the main technical objectives?

1) Simplifying sensor activation, association and license management through the new app

2) Enriching the user experience through the Explorer

3) Speeding up PlanetWatch’s onboarding of new sensors for all types

Purchase licenses

  • When you place an order online, the order status changes to “Processing”. To be sure that your order has gone through, we recommend that you always keep track of the status from the My Account section on our e-commerce sites.
  • At this point our internal team checks the correct receipt of payment and if all is okay the status of the order changes to “Completed”. The verification is carried out twice a day (in the morning and in the afternoon) and also on weekends. However, it may take a little longer around holidays.

The next steps depend on the type of device

Type 1: When you buy a license, you are registered in the “waiting list”. In the weeks following the order, you will receive an email informing you about which batch you are in.

We are working to ensure that the email is sent immediately after the purchase goes through, but this involves an automation process that we are agreeing with the sensor supplier.

Our support team will then contact you to activate and set up the device. You can pair the license to your sensor through our new App

When fully operational, the whole process will be managed automatically through the new Mobile APP. Check this article.

Type 3: the licenses and devices purchased will be immediately activated  through the new Mobile App.

Type 4: the licenses are activated and linked to the device as soon as the first configuration is made on the PW App dedicated to Atmotube. The current PlanetWatch app will be soon renamed “PW_Atmotube App”.

TIP # 1: The new App cannot be used  by Type 4 sensors (Atmotube Pro) for streaming,  it is a much more general App. Check out this article for more info.

We will soon be releasing some more details on how to solve some stability problems of the App for Atmotube Pro, so stay tuned.

This is the app that is currently used to send data from our Type 4.

License transfer

Up to now we have managed manually the license transfer to help and support everyone; however, this requires a lot of effort and although it is foreseen by our systems, it is not yet automated.

The good news is that we are working on two new features that will simplify the process, namely:

  1.  A license Marketplace for secure license transfer via related NFTs. This will make it possible to sell licenses to interested buyers quickly and easily.
  2.  A transfer of licenses from one sensor to another. This will allow you to use the sensor on both iOS and Android alternately.

As you can imagine, this will take some time and will certainly not be released before Q2 2022.

TIP # 1: In order to avoid any inconvenience when buying a used sensor that has already been associated with a PlanetWatch license. Before buying, ask the seller to open a ticket and ask us to deactivate their license and free that sensor, otherwise the process may fail.

For geeks only

With Type 4 licenses only, some of you may have noticed the appearance of the NFT license along with the NFTs sensor in the wallets.

This is happening automatically for all devices that have been activated after the system migration. An example of  this is:

Name: PW: T4_1_000002 where:

T4 = Type 4

1 = 1 year duration

000002 = serial number

For all those who activated the sensor before the migration, you’ll be able to have the NFT license in your wallet, as soon as the new Mobile App is released.

TIP # 1: There were errors in generating the first license names for users who had multiple licenses of various types. Our support team will be contacting you to guide you through the procedures to follow in the coming weeks. However, this does not affect in any way the assignment of daily rewards.

TIP # 2: When you  first activate a sensor on iOS, you can no longer activate it on Android because the license is assigned at the first activation. For these changes at the moment you need to get our support. If you make the changes by yourself, you have to wait for the update to be released, which, amongst its features, includes the ability to transfer the licenses described below.

TIP # 3: After a couple of weeks from the release of the new Mobile App, you will no longer be able to receive daily rewards unless you have the NFT sensor and associated license in your wallet.


We have completely revolutionized the Explorer and changed the authentication method on our entire infrastructure. In the next three weeks each user will be able to check the number of streams sent along with all the information relating to the sensors. You will also be able to change your PIN if you have a Type 4 device. We’re also working on displaying the incorrect streams with related problems so that you can check what’s happening to your sensor.

Compliance with the rules

Some of you have more than one Atmotube and that is definitely allowed. What you cannot do is have more than one sensor in the same position and send exactly the same data more than 70% of the day.  PlanetWatch will strongly discourage this and thwart it through intelligent automatic verification tools. In case of an anomaly we will first send you a warning and, if you don’t provide a reasonable explanation, the licenses will be deactivated.

Please be fair and remember the mission of this project: we monitor the planet and look beyond what we breathe.


We have been the target of a series of attacks and that is the price all projects that are gathering momentum sometimes need to pay. With the utmost attention to detail we are securing our entire infrastructure and we have set to work to make sure there are no more blackouts and or glitches on our e-commerce platforms. The good news is that the vulnerabilities were limited to open source market products only used for our e-commerce and therefore the entire ecosystem linked to sensors was always safe. The blockchain is always the best strongbox with these kinds of issues. However, the overload of the servers to cope with the attack slowed the acquisition of streams and therefore there were holes that we compensated for.

RoadMap till the end of 2021

  1. Development of all the technical infrastructure and in particular of the Explorer, Map and Mobile App.
  2. Licensing system associated with a device
  3. B2B dashboard for corporate projects
  4. New Type 4 and Type 3 onboarding
  5. Cross-chain token
  6. Staking Green system through NFT
  7. Automatic reports on air quality with direct push from the Mobile App

RoadMap 2022

  1. License Marketplace
  2. Automatic license transfer
  3. AI and Machine learning for automatic generation of reports and alerts on air quality
  4. Onboarding new sensors
  5. Licenses for the purchase of air quality data
  6. And much more…

Keep watching our Planet and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

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  1. If I have 2 Atmotubes, can I have one for Indoor Air quality, and one for Outdoor Air quality, both stationary and at the same home??

    1. I’d take one with you during the day, but i think it could work. they arnt locked to gps locations

  2. When is it planned,(or isn’t that happening) that we actually can withdraw our Planets from the planet app and transfer them to the Algowallet and from there sell them at a exchange?

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