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Kaiterra Sensedge Mini instructions

Kaiterra Sensedge Mini instructions

This guide is an appendix to our blog post regarding our New App.


First of all, you must use the Kaiterra App and Web Dashboard to configure your sensor. 

Once you have your UDID (sensor code, the same used to import your device in the Kaiterra Dashboard) and the API-Key (that you find in the Kaiterra App user section -> api keys -> generate api Key), then open the new PlanetWatch App and create or import a wallet in the Wallets section.




In the “Sensor” tab, press the plus button (+) in the top right corner. Obviously, in order to activate your sensor, you must own a Type 3 license.

A new page will appear, showing the licenses that you can currently use to activate a sensor. Press the ‘Type 3 | year x’ button, where x represents the duration of the license.


A new page will appear, showing two boxes.

  • In the ‘Insert sensor id’ box, paste the UDID of your Kaiterra Sensedge Mini sensor. If you don’t have a UDID, please read the official Kaiterra guide (official guide link).

The code has the following format: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • In the ‘Insert your token’ box, paste the API-Key of your account. If you don’t have an API-Key, open the Kaiterra Web Dashboard, click on your profile icon, account settings, api-keys, generate API-Key.

Press the ‘Proceed’ button.


A new page will appear, showing all the wallets you have imported in the application. Note: PlanetWatch will never save your passphrase!

Select the desired wallet by clicking on the wallet name.


A new page will appear, showing a summary of the activation process. You can check in the top of the page which license, sensor and wallet you are using in this process.

Please, fill all the fields with the correct address, Floor (if any), City, Post code, Province and Country.

Note: this address has to be the one where you will place your sensor!

Complete the activation process by pressing the proceed button.

The activation process can take up to two minutes, please wait patiently without pressing any buttons on your phone.

The license will be paired to your sensor and you will be able to stream data to the PlanetWatch network.

If something goes wrong, an error message will be displayed. Please, retry to activate the sensor again. If the problem persists, try again later. If you aren’t able in any way to activate the license, please open a ticket.

Be sure that you add the Planet Token in each wallet you used to activate a sensor, by clicking on “Add Planet”, or you will not be able to receive your rewards.

Please note that Type 3 rewards will receive a 50% top up paid by PlanetWatch until December 31, 2021. Priori to that deadline, a community vote will be called to decide on an amendment to the White Paper which would make that top up a permanent feature to be founded out of the rewards budget.

Please note: PlanetWatch is not liable for data lost in the event of server or data stream malfunctions due to Kaiterra or their service providers.

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